C3i’s 4th of July Bundle!

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C3i’s 4th of July Bundle!


C3i Magazine is proud to present

C3i’s 4th of July Bundle!

Hey C3i Readers!

For the next week, in celebration of America’s Independence, we here at C3i Magazine are putting together a bundle of issues including #28, #29 and #30 for $80 plus shipping! That includes the standalone games Case Blue, Plan Orange and South Pacific. Our supply of this bundle is very limited, so we are operating on a first come-first served basis.

You can only get this deal at the C3i Ops Center, so come on over!

In other news…

We are also very excited to let you all know that Issue #31 is in production, and we expect to have it available in the near future. Watch for C3i banners with information posted across all our social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and the Ops Center. The new issue will include another standalone game, to be revealed soon, and have more articles from hobby favorites including Mark Herman and other renowned game designers. We will give you a rough table of contents in our next newsletter.

Additionally, for those who already have a copy of issue #30, we would love to hear your feedback by using our survey, which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. We read all your responses, and try to incorporate them as much as we can, so thanks to those who participated last time.

Thanks for all your support of C3i Magazine and RBM Studio.

Happy 4th!
Rodger and Steve

Click For the Bundle!

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