Compass Games to release “Empire and Alliances” Feb. 15th

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Compass Games to release “Empire and Alliances” Feb. 15th

From the Staff of Compass Games: 

We are commemorating the 100 Year Anniversary of the end of the Great War with the release of our biggest game yet; a strategic level simulation covering the entire Great War on a grand scale.
Anticipated Release date: February 15, 2018
Empires and Alliances
Empires and Alliances is a strategic level simulation of the First World War by game designer, Rob Beyma. This is a completely NEW game that shares some similarities with his classic Avalon Hill game, Guns of August, and aims to be a big improvement over that original, classic game.
This is a breathtaking game in both size and scope, featuring four maps and four countersheets that you won’t want to miss! You can enjoy playing one-year scenarios in a single evening or the entire campaign game over a weekend.
Anticipated Release Date: February 15, 2018
Game Features
Here are just a few of the significant improvements made based on player feedback compared to the venerableGuns of August, which this game system is based on.
  • More Detailed, Larger Map
  • Updated Order of Battle
  • Enhanced, Larger Counters
  • Revised Combat Results Table
  • Supply Rules
  • Fortifications
  • National Morale
  • Optional Rules
  • and much more!
An Impressive Package
  • Three 22″ x 34″ Maps and One 22″ x 11″ Map
  • One Set of 896 9/16″ counters (on Four sheets)
  • Rules and Scenarios booklet
  • Two Identical TEC/CRT cards
  • Two Identical Other Charts and Tables cards
  • Set of 3 Order of Battle cards
  • 10-sided die
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the game by reading the rulesso you will be well prepared to start play when the game arrives
New Directions in Gaming
Compass Games
PO Box 271, Rocky Hill, CT 06416 USA

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