DefenseNews: A tale of a B-29 Superfortress – A Game Review

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DefenseNews: A tale of a B-29 Superfortress – A Game Review
By Michael Peck:


Designer: Steve Dixon and Shawn Rife
Publisher: Khyber Pass Games (2008)


B-29 Superfortress 2

B-29 Superfortress – Bombers Over Japan, 1944-1945 original cover. A solitaire game from Khyber Pass Games and Legion Wargames (2008).

The ponderous B-29, laden with bombs and fuel, rolls down the airfield and lurches into the air. Below lie the verdant jungles of Saipan. Ahead, a Japanese city — Tokyo or Nagoya or Osaka — soon to flicker in the light of the incendiaries …

War games are strategy games: Contests of cleverness and subtlety seasoned with a bit of competitive viciousness. But they can also be narratives. They can tell a story or enable a player to create his own story and to savor an epiphany of what history must have been like. “B-29 Superfortress,” a board game from Khyber Pass Games (https://mysite id38.html) is a narrative as much as a game……

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b-29 Superfortress components

B-29 Superfortress: Bombers Over Japan 1944-1945 2nd Edition components – BGG



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