“Escape from Hades”: Combat Overview Video

Other September 30, 2019 0
“Escape from Hades”: Combat Overview Video
By the Staff of Hollandspiele Games
“Let’s look at how combat is resolved in Fred Manzo’s ESCAPE FROM HADES. Spoiler alert: it’s quick and slick.”
Click Here to Watch.  (It may take a few seconds to load, so be patient.)


PS: Hermann Luttmann is the developer, Wil Alambre is the artist and I’m the designer. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at good old-fashioned Space Opera from the 1940s. Its design philosophy was “no work, all fun.” If you want to see the first full-length video in the Hollandspiele series on “Escape from Hades” it’s now on Youtube. Click Here to Watch  If you want to get a taste of what some of the components look like click Here  Thanks a bunch. – Fred

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