“Night of Man” – Flash Sale from Flying Pig

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“Night of Man” – Flash Sale from Flying Pig
From the Staff of Flying Pig: 
$25 off, save another $18 on Solitaire expansion.
“Night of Man is probably one of the most fun small unit tactical games that I’ve ever played” –Reviewer Derek Case
“The AI has the depth of a real opponent. Playing it is effortless.” Deborah Malmud, Solitaire Game Reviewer.
“The richness of a Hollywood production.” Marco Arnaudo (Does anyone NOT know Marco?)
“Wow!” Kevin Kitchens of Ones Upon a Game when first handling the huge Night of Man counters.
“I guess he worked pretty hard on it.” Janice, Mark’s wife.
“Mark sucks and the hexes are square.” Some other folks.
The reviews are in and they are overwhelmingly positive. Night of Man is flat out fun to play. But of course we would say that. Now we are making it easy to pick up a copy for yourself and find out. Night of Man is on sale for only $54.99! That’s 25% off, and better still, you can pick up the solitaire expansion for only $49.99.

Night of Man is a card-driven, chits and board tactical game. Set in a post-alien-invasion-of-Earth universe, the squads, heroes, and tanks of Earth’s Militia battle against powerful aliens with enhanced power armor, hover tanks, Walkers, and spider-like robots.
In each turn gamers draw up to a four card hand and may play a card, sometimes more, in each impulse. The cards activate units to move, fire, assault, and use special powers, such as explosive rounds, telekinesis, and more. Special cards, such as critical hit or bullet storm, can also enhance a unit’s attacks.
Each turn continues until three end turn cards have been drawn. Players then choose one card from their hand to keep, the administrative markers are removed from the board, and a new hand is dealt to each player. The players use that new hand, or the card kept from the previous turn, to bid for initiative in the new turn.
Night of Man ships with numerous scenarios, as well as a point system that allows gamers to put together their own battles in no time flat.
4 mounted game boards.
3 die cut counter sheets.
1 deck of 54 action cards.
Full color rules and scenario booklet.
Full color player aids.
Large box (approximately 9″ x 12″ x 3″).

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