SCS: Day of Days Now Available from MMP

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SCS: Day of Days Now Available from MMP
By the Staff of MMP: 
Hello from MMP!

WBC 2015 Update

WBC is just around the corner and we wanted to let you in on the latest news.

It’s A Long Way To Carentan!

SCS: Day of Days Now Available

MMP’s latest addition to The Gamers Standard Combat Series of games Day of Days is now available on our website. Gamers who got on the pre-order bandwagon are already reporting a great gaming experience. Day of Days depicts the first 10 days of the Normandy landings at the company level. The Allied objectives are to land successfully and push far enough off the beaches to guarantee a rapid advance into France. The Axis player needs to either defeat the initial landings or plug them up to create a stalemate.

This game is both massive and extremely playable, giving players a unique appreciation for the issues involved at the beginning of the invasion. The importance of the initial air-drops, the real potential for brutal German counterattacks, and the need to get off the beaches quickly, all these come into sharp focus within the clean and fast-playing framework of the Standard Combat Series.

Day of Days comes with the necessary series- and game-specific rulebooks, setup charts, 4 full-size maps, over 1600 counters, and 15 scenarios. Learn more and order your copy here!

WBC is Coming!

MMP will be showing off some good stuff at WBC next week. The maps for the Atlanta game for GCACW will be there all week. The first installment of GTS: The Greatest Day will be set up and demoed. We’ll have a table where we’re showing off a Gladiator Card Game you can play in about 15 minutes – beat an MMP employee in a demo and win a prize! Dean Essig and his wife have created a quick Kung Fu card game that we will be showing. Joe Chacon’s Front Towards Enemy and GTS: Crete will be there. Marc Rodrigue will be there Thursday and Friday demoing a game calledTomahawks and Bayonets on the French and Indian War, plus we’ll have a copy of Benedict Arnold (which we’ve recently put under contract) in very rough – yet still VERY playable – playtest form. There’s even a chance we’ll have a copy of Warriors of Japan there for demo.

MMP’s demo tables are in the Lampeter showroom from Wednesday through Sunday and in front of the sales ballroom (for card games, mostly) during that time frame as well. MMP staff are always hanging out around our demo tables, so please feel free to come chat with us about upcoming games or recent releases. Heck, talk to us about old games, too.

Friday August 7th through Sunday August 9th we’ll have a booth in the vendor’s area where almost everything will be 25% off.

New Product Releases

WBC will see the customary release of new products. Action Pack 11 features the exploits of the 29th Infantry Division (Blue & Gray). Action Pack 11 holds 10 scenarios, 2 new mapboards, and a sheet of overlays.

WBC 2015 will also see the customary release of our annual issue of Special Ops. This year’s issue contains the complete game Storm Over Normandy. Utilizing the same system used for Storm Over Stalingrad and Storm Over Dien Bien Phu, SoN is an exciting, tense game of the D-Day landings in Normandy. Special Ops #6 will also contain the usual bevy of ASL content and articles about MMP games:

  • The Earlier Endeavor – 1943 Invasion of France for TME 3 (by Carl Fung)
  • The Mighty Endeavor, Expanded Edition – A Gamer’s Perspective (by Ric Van Dyke)
  • Hungarian Rhapsody – Preview
  • Features Units of Last Blitkrieg – Premier Game of the BCS (by Carl Fung)
  • Armor in the Battalion Combat Series – A Preview (by Dean Essig)
  • Playing The Campaign Game – In The Devil’s Cauldron
  • 29 Let’s Go! Design Notes for an Action Pack – ASL (by Perry Cocke and Ken Dunn)
  • The Past Is Prologue – ASL (by Perry Cocke)

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line and we will try our best to answer your questions.


Brian, Perry, and the crew at MMP

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