Flying Pig Games $20 Off “Night of Man” Sale

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Flying Pig Games $20 Off “Night of Man” Sale

By the Staff of Flying Pig Games:

Night of Man: The Battle for Earth’s Survival, in Your Mailbox!

Happy Mother’s Day!
20$ off on a copy of Night of Man for Mom (or you).

Sunday is Mother’s Day and what better gift to give than the gift that keeps right on giving? The gift that lets Mom recreate the tactical battles for the survival of humanity? Okay, maybe some Moms won’t be interested, but Dad, you deserve a break too. So, through Monday you can get $20 off a copy of Night of Man: The Battle for Earth’s Survival. Use code “mom20” (without parenthesis) to get $20 dollars off a copy of the Night of Man base game. Just check out normally, and then enter the code in the coupon box and presto! $20 is subtracted from your order. Order your game right here, The coupon is only good for the physical product, not the print and play version.

About Night of Man
Night of Man is a card-driven, chits and board tactical game. Set in a post-alien-invasion-of-Earth universe, the squads, heroes, and tanks of Earth’s Militia battle against powerful aliens with enhanced power armor, hover tanks, Walkers, and spider-like robots.
4 mounted game boards.
3 die cut counter sheets.
1 deck of 54 action cards.
Full color rules and scenario booklet.
Full color player aids.
Large box (approximately 9″ x 12″ x 3″).
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