Tiny Battle Publishing’s October Recruits (Sale)

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Tiny Battle Publishing’s October Recruits (Sale)

By Tiny Battle Staff:  


Tiny Battle’s POD-model allows us to publish a variety of games, new and old, on both unusual and popular topics. We publish new games every month. Here’s three for October.

Oct release

The Battle of the Bulge a la Brian Train

Winter Thunder is an operational treatment of the Battle of the Bulge from designer Brian Train, and is a substantial revision of his 2004 release Autumn Mist. The game has been streamlined, with a newly-researched Order of Battle and map, while keeping the core Mission Matrix game that powers other Train designs such as Summer Lightning and The Balkan Gambit. Tiny Battle was proud to work with both Mr. Train and artist John Cooper to bring this game to your table. The Bulge is a perennial favorite for wargamers and probably one of the most famous battles in history.

winter thunder action shot 1

The Battle That Never Was

But maybe you’re interested in the most famous battle that never was? Dorking 1875: The German Conquest of Britain, based on the genre-defining classic of alt-hist fiction “The Battle of Dorking”, is a reprint of the popular print-and-play game Dorking 1871 by designer Mark Wightman. Mr. Wightman changed the name upon revisiting the material, realizing that the battle actually took place a few years after the story was published. Besides the name change, there are larger counters, and a big 17×22 inch map from up-and-coming artist Ilya Kudriashov, who also gorgifies Tiny Battle’s Blood Before Richmond series of ACW games. Otherwise, the game– and Mr. Wightman’s extensive, immersive notes on armaments and tactics of the period– remains intact. Gamers can expect additional alt-hist titles in Tiny Battle’s future.

dorking action 1

The Battle That Made France

October’s third release is Our Royal Bones: The Battle of the Bouvines, the next installment in the Shields & Swords series of medieval battle games from designer Tom Russell, who reunites with Alexander Krumwiede and Jose Ramon Faura, the artists responsible for Tiny Battle’s Agincourt game We Happy Few. This recreation of the 1214 battle has a lot more room for experimentation. It’s a very exciting situation with lots of opportunities to attack and defend on both sides. There’s also one key decision on which the entire battle may hinge: the deployment of cavalry reserves. Timing is everything, and the ‘right time’ to bring ’em out can vary wildly from game-to-game. Our format and publishing model allows us to develop and publish wargames for periods and markets that are traditionally under-served, such as gamers who prefer the Middle Ages. We’re dedicated to the success of the Shields & Swords series.

ORB action shot 1


Agincourt Anniversary

Agincourt 1950902b

The 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt is right around the corner. We can’t think of any better way to mark the occasion than to play a game on the subject, and we can’t think of a better game that faithfully recreates the subject thanWe Happy Few, which uses a specially-modified version of the core Shields & Swords ruleset that powers this month’s merry medieval offering Our Royal Bones.

Alternate History Fare

althist combo

This month’s release Dorking 1875 isn’t our first game to ask “What if?” Christian Sperling’s frosty-cool Neuschwabenlandpits remnants of the post-war Third Reich against bizarre aliens in the hostile environs of Antarctica. And Mark’s Sticks and Stones imagines WW4 in the go-go eighties.


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