Veteran’s Day Sale from Flying Pig Games!

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Veteran’s Day Sale from Flying Pig Games!

By the Staff of Flying Pig Games:

Sticks and Stones 2nd Edition 50% Off, Veterans Day Only!


Sticks and Stones 2nd Edition, Mark Walker’s platoon-level game of ground combat is on sale for 50% off (14 measly bucks) today, Veterans Day only. Check it out here, and buy a couple of copies. Limit two per customer.

Rifles in the Peninsula on Preorder


“There are only two forces in the World, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Rifles in the Peninsula, which is the third game of Gottardo Zancani’s solitaire RIFLES series, (Rifles in the Pacific and Rifles in the Ardennes) is available for preorder. The focus of this new title is on the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815). Preorder here.

portada rogue state

Hey Guys, Rogue State is now shipping!

Rogue State is a solitaire geopolitical conflict simulation where the player assumes the role of the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) immediately after the end of the Korean War. Your primary objective will be for your regime to survive from 1953 through the year 2030. Your secondary objective will be to maximize adherence to the Juche ideology by progressively achieving national self-reliance and global influence. Juche points are earned by advancing your nation’s military strength, industrial production, nuclear weapons development, and assertively responding to events while minimizing lingering foreign debt. Victory over your imperialist oppressors will require you to carefully manage scarce resources, strategically evaluate risk, and develop a keen awareness of the interaction between the world situation and your decisions. Each turn represents approximately seven years on the timeline of the DPRK. To get your copy, click here.

Crowbar: The Rangers at Pointe du Hoc Shipping


From our sister company, Flying Pig Games, comes Crowbar!: The Rangers at Pointe du Hoc. The game is a solitaire wargame (with two-player and cooperative variants) which abstractly simulates the ebb, flow and risk of the Pointe du Hoc assault, with you playing the attacking Rangers. The game system traces its parentage to the popular In Magnificent Style game and mirrors its speed of play, tough decision-making and heart-pounding push-your-luck excitement.

map Okinawa shot 1 1

Okinawa is now shipping.

Okinawa! is a two-player game recreating the land, sea, and air struggle for the possession of the Japanese island of Okinawa, from April to June 1945. The US had to prove it could overcome enemy resistance, secure airfields, and after the bloodbath on Iwo Jima, keep their casualties low. The Japanese had the chance to test their new air tactics relying on simultaneous strikes from multiple groups of Kamikaze and conventional strike aircraft escorted by fighters. They also had a full Army on the island, backed with one of the highest concentrations of Japanese artillery even seen during the Pacific War. Stakes were high on both sides.

Okinawa Includes:
176 counters with which to stage your desperate struggle.
1 striking 22×17-inch map.
1 rulebook to rifle through.
1 Player Aid Card to call in reinforcements.
A non-military issue Ziploc bag to billet your troops.

donetsk cover5

We are thrilled to announce Ryan Kirk’s Donetsk: Battle for the Airport, a squad-level tactical game that simulates the battles for the Donetsk Airport in the Ukraine 2014-2015. You’ll lead squads, RPG and machine gun teams, BTRs, T-64 tanks, snipers and more, as you attempt to gain control of the airport. The game comes with four scenarios, 88 sharp-looking die-cut counters, and a beautifully illustrated game map. Additionally, Ryan includes an excellent background article that will educate those who were unaware of the Russian-backed separatist’s little war with the Ukraine. The game is now shipping! Click here to get yours.

The Devil’s to Pay Going Fast!



Our first boxed game.

The First Day at Gettysburg

The Devil’s to Pay! is a game depicting not only the events of that first day at Gettysburg, but also what could have happened on that fateful day. Two players will each command either the Confederate forces of Lt. Gen A.P. Hill and Lt. Gen. Richard Ewell or the Union forces of Reynolds and Maj. Gen. Oliver Howard. The game is played on a gorgeous map of the battle area designed and drawn by Rick Barber, with each hex equaling 250 yards. Units are multi-counter brigades, with each Strength Point representing about 100 men, and these brigades are organized in groups of regiments as they were deployed at the battle. The system is a new version of the Blind Swords system, with this implementation emphasizing ease-of-play and accessibility while maintaining the popular spirit of “historical chaos” represented by the other games in the Blind Swords family. This system utilizes a unique chit-pull mechanic that will keep players on their toes and engaged throughout the entire game. Order now.

Rifles in the Pacific is Now Shipping!

Rifles in the Pacific is NOW shipping!

Rifles in the Pacific (RITP) is the second of Gottardo Zancani’s solitaire RIFLES series (Rifles in the Ardennes). Rifles in the Pacific recreates the sweaty-palms action that characterized the Pacific Theater in World War II in a unique single-player format. We have replaced the hex-maps typical of World War II games with three beautiful, yet abstracted maps, representing the Pacific Theater and allowing for endless battlefield customization.

A simple solitaire system recreates small firefights (five to ten units per side) over a bevy of scenarios, including beach assaults, riverbank defense, random jungle patrols, raids on AA Gun emplacements and radio stations, and a campaign linking the missions together. Blind chit draws and die rolls, combined with artfully crafted charts create an impressive “artificial intelligence,” imbuing the game with true fog of war and strong sense of story..

Click here to get yours.

RITP Action Shot 04 1

Beach assault!

RITP Action Shot 03

Jungle fighting!

Tango Down!


Tango Down is a tense game of modern house-clearing operations, with scenarios taken from both the headlines and the movies. Hostage rescue, daring escapes, desperate last stands, ticking time bombs and more! Each player controls one or more fire teams, with each member having a counter and specific stats, augmented by Action cards that cover the fog of war, special tactics and event timing. Leaders, marksmen, fanatics, barricades, assault shields, breaching charges and more.

Tango Down includes full color rules, seventy double-sided 1” counters, two 11 x 17 maps and 18 Action cards. In addition to the ten included scenarios, units have a point system so you can choose your own forces, and the map system allows you to adapt virtually any architectural drawing into a Tango Down battleground.

Now available!

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