What’s the Future of Little Wars TV?

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What’s the Future of Little Wars TV?

Published on Jan 10, 2019

“Season 1 is over…what comes next? There will be more incredible wargame episodes coming in 2019, but today several club members explain what happens in our “off-season” until then. Don’t worry! Little Wars TV is not going into hibernation. While you wait for Season 2, we’ll still be posting regular bonus content on the channel…hopefully on a weekly basis. Or almost weekly. No promises. We’ll bring you more rule reviews, tours, tutorials, convention coverage, and FINALLY–Scotch tastings! All the while, we will be filming and editing a spectacular second season of the best historical wargaming channel on YouTube. During the off-season, what can YOU do to help? That’s easy–find a friend who might be interested in history, or board games, or tabletop games, or miniature crafting and tell them about this channel! Every few days we get emails or comments from new subscribers telling us they “just discovered” Little Wars TV. Help us find more historical wargamers and keep growing the hobby! Visit us at https://www.LittleWarsTV.com for behind the scenes updates and news about Season 2 production.”


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