Stonewall’s Sword across the Pond

Fred Manzo April 4, 2016 0
Stonewall’s Sword across the Pond
Stonewall's Sword in Italy

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A shot of the Modena Con going on this weekend in Italy. We do not know the fellow’s name but that is the club sweatshirt. According to Google translations (mostly) the sign says “The Battle of Cedar Mountain played with a nice activation system in order to recreate a few of the brilliant victories of the Confederate Army.” (All I can say is “Not when I play.”)

Taliafero, William B

William Booth Taliaferro (December 28, 1822 – February 27, 1898), was a United States Army officer, a lawyer, legislator and Confederate general in the American Civil War – Wiki.

PS: The Confederate general William Taliaferro pronounced his name as “Toliver.” As the Union player (I’m always the Union player) I try to prohibit Confederate reinforcements under General Taliaferro from entering the game if the Confederate player pronounces his name incorrectly (from the Confederate perspective). Unfortunately, that ploy has yet to work.

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