“C3i Ops Center” moved to new web address

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“C3i Ops Center” moved to new web address

By 3Ci staff:

We would like to welcome you to the new

C3i Ops Center

  “We have some exciting news for you all—the C3i Ops Center has received a major overhaul and is now operating at its original address https://www.c3iopscenter.com/

What does that mean, you ask? Well, we have tried to consolidate most of the things we had (magazines, accessories, back issue articles, banners, outreach) into a few hubs as opposed to the virtual sprawl we had before. We’ve also added a section where we will post articles and essays that either didn’t make the print edition of C3i or work best as online content. And of course, we still won’t push ads in your face, we don’t like them either. Click HERE for a more detailed discussion on all this.”

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