Clarifications & Errata for “Invaders from Dimension X!”

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Clarifications & Errata for “Invaders from Dimension X!”

By Hermann Luttmann:

Here are some questions submitted by my buddy Colby Duerk after his first play. I hope this helps clarify some situations and rules. Thanks!

  1. Rule Book: Movement example on page 3, says “A Scout unit… and thus has 4 MPs.”  The Scout has only 3 MPs so this must be the Special Ops unit.

– You are correct, it should be a Special Ops unit.


  1. Counter Misprint:  Both of the Shut Down counters say “Shut Down Even”.  One of them should be “Shut Down Odd”

– Hmm, the counter proofs I have show one Odd and one Even. Sorry if that’s the way it came out. Just change one of the counters to “Odd”. 

  1. A Kay’otz unit is 3 hexes away from 2 Marines, the highest numbered hex has a net zero attack. Can the alien attack the other one or is the attack voided?

– The attack is voided. 


  1. Several chit descriptions, e.g. Alien Rush, have this line “even if qualified twice due to its location.” When would this occur?  I couldn’t find anything in the rule book about being able to “attack twice” or about “the location of the alien”.

– This refers to a case where an alien unit might be within range of two or more Overlords or Monoliths. 


  1. On Map Beta can a unit fire from hex 461 (LZ2) to 653?  The LOF touches the “tip” of a hex but does not travel along a blocking edge.  Does the “tip” block?

 Yes, any contact with a blocking hex will block the LOS. 


  1. Is a rally roll adjusted by +4 if adjacent to two Logistics, 5 if two L’s and an HQ, or is the max +3 (2 for the Logic & 1 for the HQ)?

– The modifier is given just once for each type of adjacent units, not per qualifying unit. So the modifier maxes at +3. 


  1. When you put an ADM on an alien the rules say to put the counter underneath. Does this imply that you DON’T LOOK AT the new defensive value and must wait until you attack the unit again before you can see the new DN? Or should you look at it then place it underneath?

– Sorry, I just wrote it like that because I prefer to put markers under units (I hate piles of markers obscuring my beautiful units!). You can place it on top if you wish and the new ADM can be referenced by the player at any time. 


  1. Can a dormant alien be relocated via Warp Jump or does it just become active. In one game I let them relocate and of course it landed on my HQ and KO’d him.

– Dormant units only flip to Active when activated. They do nothing else that turn. 


  1. I pulled The Overlord’s Command during Scenario 1.  My layout across the top of the map has the following units

#12 – #10 – #7 dormant – #6 – #3 Dormant – #7 dormant (with the standard setup spaces between the units)


So both Overlords were dormant when the chit was pulled.  Based on the chit both 7’s and the 3 should become active, once this happens can the #10 and #6 unit attack? How about #3? I chose to activate the 7,7,3 but did not let anyone fire.

 Activation occurs simultaneously, so no – if a unit starts Dormant it is considered to be so when the other units activate with it. You can’t activate in sequence – it all occurs at one time. 


  1. Can the Scouts use the Jump ability on turn one?

– Yes! Reinforcements may Jump in from off-map. 


  1. Can dormant Kay’otz be attacked?  If so, do they become active?

– They can be attacked and do not become activate simply be being attacked. 


  1. A Logistics unit resupplies a Marine that has not yet activated.  Can the Marine now take an action?

– Yes. 


  1. A Marine unit is adjacent to the Monolith when the Bug Out chit is pulled.  Is the monolith removed?

 No, the Monolith remains. It can never be moved or destroyed.


  1. A stunned or paralyzed unit is adjacent to HQ and/or Logistics and rolls for Rally with die roll adjustments.  Can the HQ and/or Logistics now take an action or was their presence in the Rally their action also.

– Yes, they can Move after providing the modifier. 


  1. Same question for Recon. Does adding the HQ bonus count as the HQ action?

– No, they can provide the modifier and then Move. 



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