Crowbar! Kickstarter Opens Tomorrow!

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Crowbar! Kickstarter Opens Tomorrow!

By the Flying Pig Staff:

We are so flippin excited about this. It’s less than 24 hours until we kick off! Crowbar!: The Rangers at Pointe Du Hoc is coming to Kickstarter tomorrow, July 24th at 12 PM (High Noon) Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4). The campaign will offer 1$ (Kickstarter won’t let us offer free pledges) pledges to the first to arrive, an awesome stretch goal if we fund in the first few hours and more surprises along the way. What is Crowbar? Read on…

Crowbar!: The Rangers at Pointe Du Hoc is a solitaire wargame (with two-

player and cooperative variant stretch goals planned) which abstractly simulates the ebb, flow, and risk of the Pointe du Hoc assault, with you playing the attacking Rangers. The game system traces its parentage to the popular In Magnificent Style game and mirrors its speed of play, tough decision-making, and heart-pounding push-your-luck excitement.

Bottom line, backing the Kickstarter is THE CHEAPEST way to get your copy of Crowbar and all the associated stretch goals. For example, those who backed our Armageddon War for $85 received over $220 dollars of merchandise. That’s over a 60% savings! So be there tomorrow July 24th and get in on the game.
Click here to find out more and see some pictures.

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