Duel of Eagles II to be published by White Dog Games

Hermann Luttmann May 8, 2014 2
Duel of Eagles II to be published by White Dog Games


By Hermann Luttman

Duel of Eagles II

For those of you who are interested in ordering Duel of Eagles, please be aware that it is no longer available from Victory Point Games! VPG has closed down their Victory Point Press division and will no longer be printing other publisher’s games, including Duel of Eagles.

I am currently putting together Duel of Eagles II. This will be published and printed by White Dog Games. The map and countersheet will remain the same, with the exception that the counters will now be WDG’s normal super-thick composition. I am adding and adjusting some rules and expanding the game tables to allow more variety in results. Essentially, the game will play the same way but with some more detail that I feel will add to the experience. Additionally, there will be a total of three scenarios – Historical (where all unit deployments and reinforcement scheduling will be per the actual battle), Variable (a “what-if” version that will allow flexibility in deployment and variable reinforcements) and a small Tutorial (a portion of the battles that lasts only a few turns and a limited number of forces in order to learn the game).

We will post as to when Duel of Eagles II will be available. Owners of the first version of the game can download the new content for free so that you can convert your original game into the newer version.

Thanks and good gaming! Hermann



  1. Steve Carey May 8, 2014 at 1:34 pm -

    No surprise to hear that VPP closed up shop – that annoying soot was apparently a bigger issue to contend with, plus I heard complaints of costs that were simply too high.

    I do own the 1st edition of DoE, and it was a fine design, so I’ll look forward to the 2nd edition download – thanks.

  2. Hermann Luttmann May 8, 2014 at 2:46 pm -

    Thanks Steve! Just to be clear, VPP was just the printing arm of VPG and that divison did printing services for outside companies. Duel of Eagles is a White Dog publication that VPP printed for them. But now, Blue Panther and their wonderful super-thick counters will be doing the job.

    As far as DoE II, I’ve tried to take into account comments from people about the original DoE and include those adjustments and improvements. Nothing huge, but just adding some more spice and options.


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