Errata for Spartacus

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Errata for Spartacus

By Compass Games

General Errata
Clarification to 9.5: ”Campaign cards allow two or more leaders and their armies to be activated”…

Correction to 8.1: ”For each new Legion raised, the Crisis marker is immediatlely moved 1 space towards Anarchy.” [not 2 spaces] – the Player Aid card and 20.3 are correct.

Correction to Scenario Setups: Legates should not be placed in the Proconsul Pool.

Clarification on Cards 68 and 69, Minor Campaign: These are Republican Event cards, as the icon denotes. Ignore the last sentence of text.

Clarification to Summary of Political Control Changes table (p. 17): Add the highlighted clause to point #1 – “1. To convert ENEMY Major City or Tribal spaces, or NEUTRAL Major City spaces, to your political control, you besiege (major cities) or subjugate (tribal spaces);

Correction to 12.2: Interception: The inactive player may attempt interception when the active player’s force moves into a space adjacent to an inactive force not already occupied by a CU belonging to the active player (exception: a force may intercept into a major city space containing friendly CUs if the CUs were previously declared to be inside the city – see 18.4).

Correction to 23.2.3: Determine the number of battle cards for the attacker and the defender and deal out the required number of cards from the battle deck. The maximum number of battle cards per hand is 13 battle cards. The base amount for each side is two battle cards, with other battle card allocation determined as follows:

Modify 16.2.1 as follows: ”Enemy PCs are converted in the space adjacent to a Republican army by expending 1MP per space converted (or 2 MP if the space is across a mountain pass).

Add to 13.0: For the battle, the active player may use only as many CUs as his generals can command; the defender may use all CUs in the battle space.

Clarification to 16.2.1: In the first line, change “An army conducts” to “A force conducts”.

Correction to 5.2 and the Play-Aid card: The sequence of play and the play-aid card say that you don’t do the Consular Election Phase in any scenario. In fact, you do that phase in Scenarios I and II. The scenario setups are correct in this regard for all scenarios.

Clarification on card #62, “Danger in the Provinces”: A clearer instruction on this card would be, “Play if at least one of the following regions is completely free of Republican combat units: Spain, Gaul or Asia Minor.”

Clarification to 7.2.4: Lepidus may not leave Etruria after his placement until Etruria is Sertorian-controlled (unless it already is at that instant, a very rare occurrence). Once this condition has been met, Lepidus’s Etruria restricted is lifted.

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