Flying Pig Games: Won’t Be Long Now

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Flying Pig Games: Won’t Be Long Now
Won’t be Long Now
Hi Guys,
Here are some production pics for Crowbar: The Assault on Pointe du Hoc and the Stalingradexpansion to Old School Tactical.. So far we are on schedule for a June 10th-ish completion. At least that is what the printer says. I still need to look at first production copies, and then arrange shipment. After that we wait on the ship to arrive, parcel out the goods and get them to you. Thanks for your patience. Both games are still on preorder, if you are interested in a discounted price.
Refight the First Day of Gettysburg
Introducing The Devil’s to Pay from Tiny Battle Publishing
The Devils to Pay!, which is Tiny Battle’s first BOXED game, depicts not only the events of the first day at Gettysburg, but also what could have happened. Two players will each command either the Confederate forces of Lt. Gen A.P. Hill and Lt. Gen. Richard Ewell or the Union forces of Maj. Gen. John Reynolds and Maj. Gen. Oliver Howard. This Hermann Luttmann design is played on a gorgeous map of the battle area designed and drawn by Rick Barber, with each hex equaling 250 yards. Units are multi-counter brigades, with each Strength Point representing about 100 men, and these brigades are organized in groups of regiments as they were deployed at the battle. The system is a new version of the Blind Swords system, with this implementation emphasizing ease-of-play and accessibility while maintaining the popular spirit of “historical chaos” represented by the other games in the Blind Swords family. This system utilizes a unique chit-pull mechanic that will keep players on their toes and engaged throughout the entire game. Preorder now.
Old School Tactical -Pacific Theater
Old School Tactical (OST) Vol III brings the popular OST system to the Pacific Theater of World War II. Fight in the jungles against both the Imperial Japanese Army and Naval (Marine) units.
Unlike other OST soldiers, the determined Japanese have no Gut Check number, preferring death to dishonor. The Japanese also come with the new tank-killer units and, of course, rules for the famous Banzai attack. The Americans answer with canister rounds for their Stuart tank, the legendary Marine firepower and discipline, and plenty of armor and artillery support.

The game ships with 16 scenarios, including Alligator Creek (Henderson Field),Edson’s Ridge (Guadalcanal),In the Coconut Grove (Bougainville), First Clash (Guadalcanal), and more. New units include  Chi-Ha and Ha-Go tanks, Japanese Sappers, Type 99 LMG, Type 92 HMG, Type 89 Mortar, and more. On the American side there are LVTs, flamethrower tanks, Marine rifle units, Army rifle units, 37mm ATG (yeah, it fires canister), to name just a few. It’s all the quick-playing fun of Old School Tactical, set in the tense Pacific theater of operations. Coming to Kickstarter soon.

Learn more here.

Rifles in the Pacific
Rifles in the Pacific (RITP) is the second of Gottardo Zancani’s solitaire RIFLES series (Rifles in the Ardennes). Rifles in the Pacific recreates the sweaty-palms action that characterized the Pacific Theater in World War II in a unique single-player format. We have replaced the hex-maps typical of World War II games with three beautiful, yet abstracted maps, representing the Pacific Theater and allowing for endless battlefield customization.

A simple solitaire system recreates small firefights (five to ten units per side) over a bevy of scenarios, including beach assaults, riverbank defense, random jungle patrols, raids on AA Gun emplacements and radio stations, and a campaign linking the missions together. Blind chit draws and die rolls, combined with artfully crafted charts create an impressive “artificial intelligence,” imbuing the game with true fog of war.

A fast paced and exciting solitaire World War II game, Rifles in the Pacific offers electrifying tactical challenges in a tiny package.Order yours here.

Platoon Commander Deluxe Shipping
In case you didn’t know, Platoon Commander Deluxe: The Battle of Kursk allows you to fight one of the largest tank battles in history. Based on the Platoon Commander series that began with platoon-level modern combat game, Sticks and Stones from Tiny Battle Publishing, this game takes everything learned to the next level. Streamlined play, bigger maps, bigger counters and bigger tanks!
Each game includes two mounted 22″ x 17″ geomorphic maps, and four sheets of thick, 1″ square counters. There are Tiger tanks, Panther tanks, Mk IV tanks, T-34/76 tanks, KV-1 tanks, SU-152 assault guns, infantry (rifle, guards, pioneers, submachine gun), mortar batteries, Stukas, IL-2, and more. The battles game out using an easy-to-learn, fast-playing system with a unique sequence of play.
Want more information? Click right here.
MacArthur’s Defeat
Yaah! #12, with its enclosed game, MaCarthur’s Defeat, is now shipping.

Macarthur’s Defeat is designer Arrigo Velicogna’s take on the 1941 Japanese invasion of the island of Luzon. It features a full sheet of 176 counters and a 22 x 17 game map that includes an inset area map of the Bataan peninsula.

Our issue’s articles include game designer Greg Porter’s insights on Flying Pig Games’ new Armageddon War. John Burtt delivers a couple of in-depth reviews: A look at both Stalingrad: Verdun on the Volga from Last Stand Games and the new edition of The Battle of Rosebud Creek from Legion Games.It can’t really be 2018 without including some coverage of world War I, so Roger Leroux pens a review of Hexasim’s Great War Commander, while Nick O’Neill gives us a look at Raiders of the Deep from Compass Games. Norm Lunde moves things back to a more modern setting with his piece covering the BAOR and FRG expansions for GMT’s MBT (try typing all of that really fast…), and Matt Foster rounds out the lineup with a look at Hollandspiele’s Table Battles.

Yaah! #12  even has articles on two new RPG systems: Brad Smith gives us a quick take on Mark H. Walker’s Dark Wars RPG, while Eddie Carlson has a review of the Genesys role-playing system from Fantasy Flight Games.

Yaah! #12 is a thick 80 pages of gaming wonderfulness that you can’t live without! Order yours here.

New Downloads Available
We are constantly getting requests to make PDF versions of our games. The last two weeks, we put Thomas the Intern on it We got massive results. The crafters among you (or anyone else, for that matter) can now buy Old School Tactical Ghost FrontOld School Tactical Stalingrad’65 Squad-level Battles USMC/ANZAC Expansion, and Platoon Commander Deluxe: The Battle of Kursk and make your own games for a fraction of the cost of the professionally-printed versions.
Ghost Front
Ghost Front, the Battle of the Bulge  expansion to Old School Tactical Vol II is NOW shipping!
 Ghost Front is the second expansion to Old School Tactical Vol II, covering the German’s Ardennes offensive of 1944. This boxed expansion includes a new, 30″ x 41″ mounted map board depicting snowy Ardennes terrain, a new sheet of counters with new SS and American units, unit data cards, and an 11-scenario booklet.
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