Flying Pig Kickstarter for Crowbar Update

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Flying Pig Kickstarter for Crowbar Update
There’s so much more to come…
Posted by Mark H. Walker

Good Morning Fellow Crowbarians,

I’m going to try to limit my adverbs and adjectives. We are ecstatic with the progress of Crowbar!¬†Even during what is commonly known as the doldrums of a campaign, you continue to back us to the tune of a thousand dollars a day. Thanks to you from the bottom of our hearts.

And… there is so much more to come. We have stretch goals lined up for special combat dice, stickers, and even additional counters. That’s where you all can help, and it costs nothing.

Tell us about your favorite gaming blog below. Just give us a web address, and we will contact them, offer interviews, pictures, information, whatever. They write about us, the word gets spread. We post links to their website, they get more visitors. It’s a win-win, it’s synergy. So, list your favorite blog in the comments below. Thanks!

Level Up,


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