Happy Holidays from Academy Games

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Happy Holidays from Academy Games

By the Academy Games Staff 

Happy Holidays from Academy Games
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Fief – France 1429 is shipping soon!

Fief is a game of dynastic ambition, where players assume the roles of nobles in the 15th century Kingdom of France. Each player strives to become the most powerful ruling force in the Kingdom by gaining control of Fief and Bishopric territories. In turn, they acquire Royal and Ecclesiastical (church) titles which give their families influence to elect the next Pope and King. Players strengthen their positions by negotiating marriage alliances between their families, setting the stage for love, treachery and deception! This is an incredibly fun game for 3-6 players! 
Pre-Order Now!

Italian Language Version now Available!

We are now offering an Italian language version of Fief – France 1429 for our Italian fans. If you would like to order an Italian language version of the game, Pre-Order Now!

Fief Shipping Update

Our containers have reached Seattle and will soon be shipped to our warehouse. We were expecting the games December 15th, so that everyone could have their copies by Christmas. But the west coast dockworker’s have initiated a work slowdown in order to put pressure on the contract negotiators. This has disrupteded the shipping schedules for shipments from the west coast. We still hope to begin shipping the games before the New Year. We will keep you updated.

Revolutionary Solo Artificial Intelligence

The Conflict of Heroes Solo System is finally complete, after years of development. It is being translated into several languages and will be sent to the printer in early January. We expect to begin shipping in March.   Pre-Order Now!
(Requires ‘Awakening the Bear’ to play.)

Conflict of Heroes – Guadalcanal

Dec 7, 1941 – War explodes across the Pacific when the Japanese attack the American fleet at Pearl Harbor. By May 1942, Japan threatens America’s supply lines to Australia by building an airfield on the island of Guadalcanal. The United States counters with an hastily prepared occupation of the island’s airfield with the 1st Marine Division. The Japanese retaliate with vengeance, cutting off the Marines by sea and pouring in thousands of Japanese reinforcements. A desperate struggle ensues, as the Americans try to hold on to their tiny foothold against the might of the Japanese Empire.

Guadalcanal is the next game in the award winning Conflict of Heroes series!
Pre-Order Now! and receive the limited edition Army Expansion! 

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