MASSIVE FALL SALE on Now at Noble Knight Games !!!

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MASSIVE FALL SALE on Now at Noble Knight Games !!!

 By Noble Knight Games Staff

November 12, 2014
Hello everyone,FALL SALE The big news this week is of course our fall sale, on for a limited time! This is where you’ll find the lowest regular priced items all season, just in time for the holidays! Everything (well *almost*, there are a few publishers who refuse to let us lower the prices any further) is a bare minimum 10% off, new releases, rare items, clearance items, you name it. Every time we have a sale the shelves get a little bare so be sure to check out our website catalog asap.Now Buying/Trading We’re always buying and trading but this time of year gets a little slow on the buying/trading front so it would be a great time to do business with us. If you have extra games, miniatures, etc. available feel free to email us anytime with a list or if you are local stop into the shop. You can also just mail in items for a quote if you prefer (talk to us first about shipping, we have FedEx labels we can send you to mail these in on our account and cover the shipping).Gift Certificates We have gift certificates available for your gaming family and friends. They aren’t super fancy electronic ones or gift cards, but they spend the same and are useable online or in the shop! Our selection insures happiness for every gamer in your life, or your money back.New Releases Just a ton of great stuff added, and offered at sale pricing right out of the gate! Highlights this week include Blocks in Afrika, S&T 290, Scotland Rising, Original Bottle City, Sixth Doctor, World War Cthulhu, D&D Rise of Tiamat, The Flash & Battle of the Five Armies Heroclix, Star Trek Attack Wing, Magic Commander Decks 2014, Kaos Ball, Memoir ’14 Tactics & Strategy, Red Sash Games deluxe maps, Pandemic – The Cure Expansion, and much, much more!! Be sure to follow the red link below to see everything that is available – please note that the sale pricing only shows on the website and not on the newsletter link.Any questions or comments please let me know at any time.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder

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