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Noble Knight Games Sale

 By the Noble Knight Games staff


December 24, 2014
Hello everyone, Below you will find our newest list of new and out of print games, miniatures and books that have come in over the last 10 days or so. I hope, if you celebrate it, that you have a wonderful Christmas, and if I don’t talk to you before then, a Happy New Year!! Any questions, comments, trade proposals, suggestions, etc., feel free to write anytime.Best Regards,
Aaron LeederNoble Knight Games
“Where the Out-of-Print is Available Again”
https://www.nobleknight.comRole Playing Game highlights include:

  • Stay on Target for Star Wars Age of Rebellion
  • Rivendell for The One Ring
  • Thing’s Don’t Go Smooth for Firefly
  • Mutant Bestiary One for The Mutant Epoch
  • Lost Treasures, Giant Hunter’s Handbook and more for Pathfinder
  • The Lost Colony for Colonial Gothic
  • 39 Dark for Mars Colony
  • A restock of Fantasy Trip titles from Dark CityMiniature & Miniature Games highlights this week:
  • Age of Blackpowder painted buildings and more imported from 4Ground
  • All Quiet on the Martian Front releases from Architects of War
  • Infinity terrain from Bandua
  • Infinity 3rd Edition
  • Dragon Cultists in the D&D series of collector miniatures from Gale Force 9
  • Exterminatus and many other Blood Angel releases from Games Workshop
  • Latex road and river terrain pieces from Monday Knight Productions
  • A huge round of new Scotia Grendel fantasy miniature releases
  • Wave 2 of the new painted D&D miniatures from Wizkids including Black Shadow Dragon, Aarakocra and more
  • Borg – Borg Cube Expansion Pack for Star Trek Attack Wing
  • Uncanny X-Men Collector’s Box for Marvel Dice Masters
  • Panzer Korps Battle Scenarios #6 – G.I. Blood’N Guts
  • L’art De La Guerre from Onyx
  • Guadalcanal – Floatplane Hell for Check Your Six
  • Tabletop Workshop expandable modular castle sets!
  • Xyston Ancients
  • Warlords Bolt Action D-Day Firefight Starter Set and much more
  • Battlefoam Arcadia Quest, Rivet Wars, 40k, Robotech RPG Tactics trays and more
  • Games Workshops MEGA Paint SetCollectible & Living Card Games include:
  • The Currency War for Legend of the Five Rings
  • Cardfight! – Vanguard Vol. 16 – Legion of Dragons & Blades
  • Android Netrunner and Lord of the Rings expansion packs from FFG
  • Pokemon EX – Mega Metagross Premium CollectionBoard & Wargames highlights include:
  • Artificium, Korrigans and Takenoko (Limited Edition) from Asmodee
  • Legion of Honor from Clash of Arms
  • Road to Rome, Sujewo Heights, Stand at Amfreville, The Capture of La Fiere 1944 and Arnhem for Advanced Tobruk
  • Doctor Who – The Card Game (2nd Edition)
  • Fleet Commander – Nimitz from Dan Verssen
  • Small World expansions
  • Dezign Pak #10 from East Side Gamers for Advanced Squad Leader
  • A huge round of premium painted Dust Tactics sets
  • Eldritch Horror – Mountains of Madness Expansion
  • Shadows of Brimstone – City of the Ancients and Swamps of Death from Flying Frog
  • Star Wars – Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight
  • GMT’s Commands & Colors Ancients Expansion #2 & #3 – Combo Pack as well as the Prussian Army for Napoleonics
  • Enemy Coast Ahead and Twin Peaks from GMT
  • High Flying Dice Game’s September’s Eagles
  • Mayfair Game’s Murano and Patchwork
  • Alhambra and Fresco expansions from Queen Games
  • Greenland from Sierra Madre
  • Puerto Rico from Ravensburger
  • Steve Jackson Games Tile Chess and Munchkin Legends DeluxePlease click here to view the FULL update with descriptions and links!

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