Now available! Duel of Eagles II from White Dog Games

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Now available! Duel of Eagles II from White Dog Games

By the Staff of White Dog Games

Now available! Designer Hermann Luttmann’s Duel of Eagles II has been upgraded with expanded rules and two scenarios.

By designer Hermann Luttmann, Duel of Eagles II centers on the battle of Mars-la-Tour, which was fought on August 16th, 1870 and represents the pivotal battle of the Franco-Prussian War. In fact, many historians consider it to be one of the most important battles of European history, as it essentially sealed the fate of Napoleon III and his Second French Empire and confirmed the rise of Bismarck’s German Empire. This new edition of the popular and acclaimed game includes expanded rules, two new scenarios, and thick, laser-cut counters and markers.

Duel of Eagles is a medium-complexity wargame on the Battle of Mars-la-Tour, in the Franco-Prussian War. This battle is notable for having one of the last successful cavalry assaults in modern warfare.

Duel of Eagles II B

Now available! Designer Hermann Luttmann’s Duel of Eagles II has been upgraded with expanded rules and two new scenarios.

This is a chit-pull game. The chits are either Activation Chits, which activate all units within the indicated corps, or Event Chits, which each contain two possible events which the player can chose between. Each turn both players draw from the chit cup until all chits have been used or there are no remaining HQ’s on the map.

The game requires the players to maintain supply lines, both to rally units that are shaken or low on ammo and to achieve the victory conditions.

The victory conditions for the French player are to maintain the routes to Metz and Verdun. The Prussian player must try to prevent this from happening.


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PS: free upgrades are available for anyone with a first edition copy of this fine game. (I play-tested both the original and this version, too.) – Ed.


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