On the Table: “Storm Over Normandy” from MMP

Fred Manzo August 30, 2015 0
On the Table: “Storm Over Normandy” from MMP

From BGG:

“Storm Over Normandy is included in the Summer 2015 issue (Issue #6) of SPECIAL OPS magazine.

June 6th 1944: American, British and Canadian forces landed at dawn on five beaches in Normandy, intent on starting the operation that would help end the war on the West Front. Storm Over Normandy simulates the first six days of the operation, with the surprise landing on the Allied forces, and the response by the German occupiers.

Using the Area Move system redefined in Storm Over Stalingrad, the game features the use of cards to augment game play, adding to the tension experienced by both sides. The rules are similar in length to those seen in Storm Over Stalingrad, and are of the same level of complexity, with modifications made to represent the scale of the operation.

New cards have been created in order to represent events encountered during the operation.

The game focuses on the landings on the five beaches “Sword”, “Juno”, “Gold”, “Omaha”, “Utah”, plus the Allied paratrooper operations, and the German response over the first week of the battle. The game is seven turns long, and can be played in less than 3 hours by experienced players.

Storm Over Normandy contains:

  • 22″x34″ full-color mapsheet
  • 1 sheet of 5/8″ and 1/2′ counters, including errata counters for War of the Suns, Kawaguchi’s Gamble, It Never Snows, and VCS Salerno.
  • 12 page full–color rulebook with examples
  • 1 54-card deck (27 cards per side) of event/action cards

The game requires 4 six-sided dice that are not included.

Game Designer: Ken Dunn and Nick Richardson
Game Developer: Brian Youse
Graphics and Layout: Nicolas Eskubi, Nick Richardson, and Brian Youse.”


By Fred Manzo

Storm Over Normandy 1

Hermann Luttmann playing the Allies in MMP’s “Storm Over Normandy.”


Strom over Normandy 3

The map of “Storm Over Normandy.” Although SoN is a magazine game, it does come with cards of a superior quality (not perfect, but surprisingly good).

Storm over Normandy 5

And example of one of the cards in the game.

Storm over Normandy 2

Ed playing the Germans at Normandy. I’m hoping to get a review of the game for The Boardgaming Way, but first impressions were very favorable.


Noble Knight note 2

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