Revolution announces new Blind Swords game: “Hell’s Half Acre”

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Revolution announces new Blind Swords game: “Hell’s Half Acre”

By Fred Manzo

Roger Miller, the publisher of Revolution, recently announced plans to release a new “Blind Swords” game by Hermann Luttmann. According to his statement on a Consimworld forum for July 24th:


“Hermann is just starting the design work for his next game for us, Hell’s Half Acre, the Battle of Stones River. Blind Swords regimental game of course.”


Right now, the game is in the discussion stage, so nothing is set in stone, but I believe it will be about the same size as “Longstreet Attacks: the First Day at Gettysburg,” Rick Barber will be doing the map and I’ll be developing as usual. I’m hoping it will come out sometime in 2020. That is, after “First and Second Kernstown” and “First Bull Run.” It will use the same variant of the “Blind Swords” system as Hermann’s previous “Blind Swords” games for Revolution. In other words, it will be similar to Stonewall’s Sword: the Battle of Cedar Mountain, Thunder in the Ozarks: the Battle of Pea Ridge and Longstreet Attacks: the First Day at Gettysburg.


It’s too early in the process to have box cover art or even to know exactly what will or will not be included, but as more information becomes available I’ll be sure to pass it along.



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