The Crimson Courier (VPG) Mid-April 2014 Edition

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The Crimson Courier (VPG) Mid-April 2014 Edition

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It… is… ALIVE!

We have flipped the switch on the new VPG v3.0 web site and wanted to invite you to take a look over the weekend. It’s at the same address, of course: You’ll know you’ve landed on the new site if you notice a “slight hint” of the color red.

Enjoy your test drive and please keep these things in mind:

• We lost about 700 customers from the database during the migration. Consequently, if you can’t log in to your account, it’s probably one of the missing ones. You can easily mend that by simply making a new one. Sorry about that! Apparently, it was a “computer thing” of some sort.

• If you would like to share your comments or help point us to what’s not working properly so that we can fix it, please email us at and it will go to the right people. NOTE: We know that some of the product pictures are missing, but we figured that wasn’t a “show stopper,” and so we launched with that feature still being worked on. There are also a few broken links that we’re working on, but if you spot those let us know in case they’re not on our list.

• The BEST SELLER LIST is currently not working. Don’t worry; we will get that sorted out in the days ahead. It was the most popular feature on the site when we received your customer feedback, so you can bet your little VPG dice that it will be there soon!

• The “everyday sale price” for our games is no more; everything is offered at “list price” now. However,your orders automatically qualify for a “volume discount” of 5% at $50+; 10% at $100+; 15% at $150+, and 20% at $200+. Essentially, if you order another game or two, the volume discount can really help offset the shipping charges.

In The Future

Going forward, we will not be posting epic monthly updates, but rather posting all kinds of news via our front page. We will “tease” longer stories there with the first paragraph or two and a link to the full article that will be on its own page.

We will continue to offer our semi-annual sales for The 4th of July and on New Years’ Day.

Watch for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign to launch in the next few weeks. We’re experimenting with this whole “Kickstarter thing,” but are confident that the games we will be offering should generate some excitement. We’ve definitely got something to show you!

Look for us to be flying the flag at ConsimWorld Expo. We will be there on June 5-7.


Let’s make games!

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