The Sydney Morning Herald: Gallipoli at 100

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The Sydney Morning Herald: Gallipoli at 100

By the Staff of The Sydney Morning Herald:


Part I:

By Tony Wright

Why Anzac’s heroics and horrors have a hold on history

Gallipoli Australian troops about to land

Australian troops on the deck of the battleship Prince of Wales, just before the Gallipoli landing. – The Sydney Morning Herald

There is a spot behind Quinn’s Post cemetery high up on the second ridge of the Gallipoli Peninsula where you can stand and gaze down the length of Shrapnel Gully all the way to the sea.

It is a peaceful place; scenic, you could call it. No one who comes up here speaks for long minutes.

It  is like that all over the old Anzac sector of Gallipoli.

There have been endless books and films and documentaries and squabbling among historians and fine speeches by politicians for a century about this place and the sites around and below it…….


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Part II: A Multi-Media Presentation

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Part III: Additional articles,

gallipoli photo - Turkish troops

Turkish Troops


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