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Tiny Battle Publishing Update
45th Division roadblock Battle of the Bulge

Rifles in the Ardennes FAQ and More

Gaines Mill Cover

Gaines’s Mill Print and Play File Updates

We have updated the map and counter files for the Print and Play version of Tom Russell’s Gaines’s Mill on Wargame Vault. The new files feature sharper graphics and resized images for easier printing. If you have already purchased Gaines’s Mill from WGV and your email address hasn’t changed, you’ve already been informed by email of the updates. If you haven’t yet picked up your copy of the Gaines’s Mill installment in Tom’s fabulous Blood Before Richmond series, you can order the print copy here from our web store or the Print and Play version here from Wargame Vault.


Featured Game – Dead Reckoning

October is more than halfway over, and with ghosts and ghouls skulking about, we thought it was a good time to reintroduce a spookalicious title from beloved designer Hermann Luttmann. Dead Reckoning is a fast, fun, cards-plus-hex-and-counter thriller for two players. It provides a hauntingly good time for grognards and light gaming zombie aficionados alike. Dead Reckoning is available in print here in the Tiny Battle web store or here for download as Print and Play files here on Wargame Vault.

DR action shot3
Deadreckoning counter test8

Rifles in the Ardennes FAQ

We have gotten so many great questions from Tiny Battlers regarding our newest release, Rifles in the Ardennes, we wanted to share both the questions and answers with all of you. If you haven’t ordered RITA yet, you can order a print copy today here from our web store or download the Print and Play files here from Wargame Vault.

1. Why the title Rifles in the Ardennes? We asked designer and artist Gottardo Zancani for his answer. He said, “The name of the game directly refers to the fight between the American and German forces in 1944 in the Ardennes Counteroffensive, the operation named “Wacht am Rhein” by the German forces. The idea here is to fix a specific point in time, the final years of Second World War, the scale of the game (rifles = infantry soldiers), and one Theater of Operations (Europe): any game attempting to recreate this moment of our history (even on the abstract level of this title) won’t be complete without the Russian forces that fought the Germans on the Eastern front”
2. I’d like to know a little more about the play mechanics such as decisions to be made by that player. The game uses a six stripe track instead of a literal map, to represent battle areas. At the beginning of each game, a combination of blind chit pulls and die rolls applied to charts prescribe the locations of terrain features, buildings, and initial positions of starting enemy forces. Each turn, the player receives action points to spend to activate friendly forces. Attacks and enemy actions are likewise resolved using die rolls. Each turn, the die decides whether new enemy forces enter the battlefield, and how many. Many of the most crucial charts are unique to each of the eight missions, providing the potential for a very different game each playthrough.
3. Why is there no listing for the game on Board Game Geek? We submitted the information for Rifles in the Ardennes to the fine folks on BGG, but the listing is still pending, probably because there is, for some reason, a duplicate title. Keep checking back. We’re sure it will be up soon!
4. Could you tell me the paper stock used for the components? Sure! Rifles in the Ardennes comes with a 16-page full-color rule book and separate 8-page full color scenario (“Mission”) book, both on beautiful silky 60 lb paper. The three player aid cards and the map are all printed, double-sided, in full color on glossy 80 lb card stock. The colorful two-sided 1″ counters are 38 pt.
5. When will the game be shipping? We had thought that games would start shipping right when the first orders were placed on Tuesday, but we heard from our fulfillment center today that all orders up to the afternoon of Thursday Oct. 19th should leave the warehouse that day. For any additional questions regarding shipping, please drop us a line at orders@tinybattlepublishing.com.
6. “A stylized track”instead of a map? Is this some sort of up front system? We’re posting pictures of the Map Card below, both with and without counters, so you can see for yourself. Each of the six stripes represent an area of terrain. Friendly units start on the “6” side, and enemy units come from the “1” side. See our answer to question 2 above for more information.
7. Are there event cards? There are “Event Markers,” which are numbered chits. Chits are pulled and placed randomly, and the values assigned to an event table. Each scenario (“Mission”) has a different event table, which mixes the action up beautifully from game to game.
8. Are there tanks or other vehicles? Or just infantry? There are tanks. And mortars. and Panzerschrecht.
9. Grenades? Yes, there are grenades.
10. Is this just a WWII rework of Space Infantry? No. Rifles in the Ardennes is a very different game, with a unique game system.


Action Shot One

Until next time, Tiny Battlers. Be sure to “like” us on Facebook for more great info.





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