Video ONUS! & expansions – Kickstarter – Rome vs. Carthage

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Video ONUS! & expansions – Kickstarter – Rome vs. Carthage

By Draco Idea Staff: 

ONUS is a wargame that uses cards instead of counters based on ancient battles the Roman Empire and the Carthaginian ones. It is a bestseller in Spain where 1st edition has sold out. Now, the publisher Draco Idea inform us about the release of the ONUS 2nd edition, that shall be for first time published in English language. In a few weeks we are going to start a Kickstarter campaign in order to release it.

The game has a strategic component, because it allows us to extend formations, change them (wall of shields, phalanx, arrow, square formation), or flank enemies using a special counter. In addition we have to decide how to play the order/event cards. They will allow us to give orders to our army and to change the combats and shootings with special features such as ambush, lancers against mounted units, wounding the officials or the general, reinforcing a unit, making a unit veteran, etc. So “orders” allow us to activate units in order to be able to charge, move, heal, change formations, shoot, etc…  and on the other side, events allow us to change a combat adding bonuses or penalties to the dice rolls. For example we can play the event “Wind changes” when the enemy shoots us and she will have some penalties. Or if we charge against a most powerful unit than ours we could use the event “Harangue,” which means that our officers cheered up our soldiers giving us some attack bonuses.

ONUS contains 90 unit cards in order each player may build its own army distributed in 3 decks: Roman units, Carthaginian units and Mercenaries units that may be used in both sides. Together the units cards, about 72 Orders/Event cards, more than 100 markers, 2 ruler and 4 six sided dices shall be included at the game.

Have you ever dreamed commanding a powerful army? Have you ever imagined leading an army, which included elephants over the Pyrenees and the Alps to try to conquer Rome? Have you enjoyed a good historic novel dated on the old Republic of Rome, and you would like to travel to that time? If you answer positively to any of these questions, you are going to enjoy this game a lot!


Draco Idea Home Page (In Spanish)


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