Wargamer Review: AT ANY COST: METZ 1870

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Wargamer Review: AT ANY COST: METZ 1870


“OK, I’ll admit it, there are areas in which board wargames of the hex and counter variety still shine, and at Historicon recently I was able to purchase an example of just that. In this case the game is a 2018 release from GMT titled At Any Cost: Metz 1870, ripped from the headlines of the Franco-Prussian War (FPW). Weighing in at $50.00 Colonial, about the only issue I had was the name itself. At Any Cost (or for this little tome AAC)Metz 1870 implies an operational product on the siege of the great city from 19 August thru 27 October 1870. Nothing could be further from the truth….”

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