Inside GMT: At Any Cost: Metz 1870 After Action Report – Battle of Mars-la-Tour (The Finale)

Hermann Luttmann July 14, 2017 0
Inside GMT: At Any Cost: Metz 1870 After Action Report – Battle of Mars-la-Tour (The Finale)

By Hermann Luttmann: 

Tom Thornsen (Prussia) and Bob Demaio (French) re-enact the Battle of Mars-la-Tour with the Full Battle Scenario “A Day of Battle”. To read Part 1 follow this link, and to read Part 2 follow this link.

Phase three: The evening battle.

“The previous report took us through the 6:00pm turn.  Prussian X Corps reinforcements have just arrived to shore up the Prussian left flank and a few brigades from the VIII Corps and IX Corpshave arrived from the south to threaten the French left flank.  The Prussian III Corps holds the key town of Vionville, but is under pressure from the French II Corps and VI Corps.  The Prussian III Corps has been driven off of the high ground south of Flavigny and is regrouping south of Vionville to protect the southern approaches to the town.

With the Prussian VIII Corps and IX Corps pressing in from the south, the French Imperial Guardis the last reserve.  It will be called upon to both protect the retreat route through Rezonville, which the French MUST control or concede a potential Major Victory to the Prussians, and support the attack on Vionville, which the French may well need to secure a Minor Victory.  The defense of Flavigny is also a consideration, as it is another of the five variable VP cities that must be controlled to claim victory.  The French II Corps is there now and will have to assist in the assault on Vionville while also defending this town.

As darkness closes in, both sides gird from some difficult fighting ahead….”

The Prussians are in light gray on this photo’s lower portion and the French are in blue to its upper right. Mars-la-Tour is the town to the middle left of the photo.

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