Big Board Gaming Video Review of “Dead Reckoning”

Fred Manzo January 21, 2017 0
Big Board Gaming Video Review of “Dead Reckoning”

Published on Jan 21, 2017


[“Dead Reckoning” was designed by Hermann Luttmann, developed by me and the art was done by Tim Allen. In other words, all the usual suspects. It uses a new diceless combat system, which we’ve transferred to a more traditional wargame topic in “Race to the Sea -1914,” the game included in Yaah! #8.

There are no Combat Factors, CRTs or any Division! Now I never minded any of these as I seem to have picked up the math gene from my mother’s family, but an awful lot of people get turned off by any wargame than involves even the slightest amount of math, so this is our effort to widen the wargame community to include the math-phobic.  – Fred]

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