“Dead Reckoning” to be published by Tiny Battle

Fred Manzo April 26, 2016 0
“Dead Reckoning” to be published by Tiny Battle

By Fred Manzo

Dead Reckoning cover 2

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Here is the proposed cover for Hermann Luttmann’s newest Zombie game: Dead Reckoning. Tim Allen is the artist and I’m the developer. It has to do with Zombies overrunning a suburb of Denver after an outbreak of some type of “Zombie Flu.” The National Guard, with the help of local civilians (and heroes), is tasked with evacuating the healthy population  The game will be published by Tiny Battle sometime soon.

Dead Reckoning” is not a typical wargame in that it doesn’t have a Combat Results Chart or use dice. Instead, combat is determined by a system that is more narrative based than arithmetic based. But I’ll leave it up to Hermann and Tiny Battle to give its secret away.

We’ve playtested it a number of times and the rules are just about ready. As I get more information, I’ll pass it along. Right now I’m guessing the map will be 11″ by 17″ and the game will contain 88 counters.

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