Escape from Hades: Free Rules and 2-player Cooperative Variant

Fred Manzo October 17, 2019 0
Escape from Hades: Free Rules and 2-player Cooperative Variant

By Fred Manzo

My game “Escape from Hades,” which Hermann Luttmann developed, will be published by Hollandspiele games in a few weeks. Until then those who are interested should feel free to review its rules and its 2-player variant. Unfortunately, as we couldn’t fit the variant into the rulebook it hasn’t been tested for balance but its price is right, so enjoy:

Escape from HadesRulebook 

Hollandspiele Home page

             “Escape from Hades” 2-Player Cooperative Variant:

While Escape from Hades! is primarily a solitaire game, it is possible to play it cooperatively, with one player commanding the Vittles, her weapons, the effects of a Crisis!, Professor Dante, whether to declare OT, and all released pro-SHL prisoners, while the other commands all of the SHL company troops.

That is, the first player represents Captain Christopher and the second, Major Acuto. When there is a dispute over which counter to evacuate, the captain has the final word. Also, during each phase #7, the Captain decides whether all the counters under his control activate prior to the marines activating or after all the marines activated.

The captain earns any positive or negative VPs based on the fate of Dante, the treasure markers, all pro-SHL political prisoners’ and any OT penalty. The major is responsible for the fate of each Black Sheep counter and for any Nastian officers eliminated. Major Acuto also earns negative VPs for the number of rooms left unexamined at the end of a scenario. If SHL wins, the player with the most Victory Points is declared the first among equals.



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