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Legion and Revolution Games Combined Newsletter

Hello to both the Revolution Games and Legion Wargames customers. We have partnered together to send you out these new releases from our companies.

TARGET FOR TODAY by Steve Dixon TARGET FOR TODAY is a solitaire game that recreates American’s Daylight Strategic Bombing Campaign against Nazi Occupied Europe during the Second World War. Considerable research, including review of many oral histories gathered from veterans who flew heavy bombers in the Daylight Strategic Bombing Campaign was done to make Target For Today! function as closely as possible to reality and designed to provide YOU, the player with the ultimate gaming experience.

TARGET FOR TODAY is an advanced update of Glen Frank’s classic game B17, QUEEN OF THE SKIES. Some familiarity with that game is assumed, but “TARGET FOR TODAY” is a completely new game -you do not need to own B-17, QUEEN OF THE SKIES to play it.

Retail Price: $76.00     Pre-Order Price: $55.00

                             June Release Date

Demyansk Shield by Vance von Borries
Demyansk Shield recreates the World War II campaign in the Valday Hills region of Russia, from late January through May 1942. While Army Group North pushed towards Leningrad in a war of rapid maneuver its 16th Army covered the flank in the Lake Ilmen – Valday Hills area. Here, fighting began to settle down in early fall 1941 and by winter had become static. Then the Soviets attacked and by late January the 11th Army had broken the German front in several sectors and threatened to surround perhaps 80,000 Germans around Demyansk. When the 3rd Shock Army broke the southern wing of German 16th Army Soviet advances threatened now to destroy 16th Army and open the flank to Leningrad. It is at this stage that game-play begins.

Retail Price: $62.00     Pre-Order Price: $45.00

                                              June Release Date

RED TYPHOON by Shigeru Hirano

RED TYPHOON is a redesign by Revolution Games of the fourth game of the popular PANZER KORPS series; originally published by Command Magazine Japan. Red Typhoon simulates the early 1942 Russian counter-offensive in front of Moscow that almost destroyed Army Group Center. Can you as the Soviet player complete the destruction or can you as the German player survive the Soviet onslaught.RED TYPHOON is a two player game following an IGO-UGO turn sequence with activation points controlling the movement and attack of each of your formations. This means that some units will not move or attack, some will just move or just attack and some will both move and attack. The players choices of how to use his activations is the most important decision in the game. Combat is fairly traditional with the additions that units are retreated by the attacking player and that retreated units are disrupted. Players able to take advantage of these two factors will be successful. The game starts with several large Soviet breakthroughs that the German player must skillfully plug and in certain situations counterattack. There are special rules for German panzers, Soviet Airborne and Partisans

1 – 22” x 34” map
200 – 1/2″ Counters
1 – Rulebook
1 – Player Charts
1 – Ziploc Bag



PRICE: $36.00     Ships Late April                                                      

Longstreet Attacks by Hermann Luttmann

Longstreet Attacks: The Second Day at Gettysburg (formerly Hammerin Sickles from GMT Games) is the third game in the Revolution Games series of American Civil War games. The first being Stonewall’s Sword and the second being Thunder in the Ozarks.

Longstreet Attacks: The Second Day at Gettysburg simulates the fighting on July 2nd, 1863 during the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg and focuses on the southern portion of the battlefield. These engagements involved General Longstreet’s attack against Sickles’ positions, with troops from Hood’s and McLaws’ Divisions, assisted as well by Anderson’s Division of A.P. Hill’s Corps

Boxed Edition
1 – 22” x 34” map
2 – 5/8” countersheets
1 – Rulebook
5 – Player Charts
2 – Six-Sided DiceZiploc Edition
1 – 22” x 34” map
2 – 5/8” countersheets
1 – Rulebook
5 – Player ChartsPlaytest Map

COUNTERS – (Style is similar to previous games in system – Stonewall’s Sword sample below)

Boxed Edition – Retail Price: $60.00     Pre-Order Price: $45.00
Ziploc Edition – Retail Price: $50.00     Pre-Order Price: $40.00

More information on Longstreet Attacks can be found at www.revolutiongames.us

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[We just finished another playtest session of “Longstreet Attacks” this very afternoon. The Confederates did much better this time. They took the Peach Orchard and pushed deeper into the Union center then ever before. The Stony Hill was assaulted and Devil’s Den fell early. However, Big Round Top changed hands a number of times as Vincent, Weed and the US regulars took on Law’s Brigade. The Confederates then reinforced Law with Semmes and tried to turn my left flank. (I always play the Union.) They even threatened to cut the Tanneytown Road until Day came up to block off their best route. It was a lot of fun and I’m beginning to think it’s just about balanced. I believe “Longstreet Attacks” will be sent out to beta testers shortly and be released to the general public sometime around September of this year. – Fred]

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