Late Summer 2016 Update from MMP

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Late Summer 2016 Update from MMP

From Brian, Perry, and the crew at MMP


Hello from MMP!

We wanted to take a moment to update you with all the latest news from MMP. It has been a busy summer with a lot of new titles to choose from!

Now Shipping To Pre-Orders!
 Yanks Second Edition is complete and this highly anticipated module is rolling out the newest reprint of the Americans. This edition of Yanks will include the contents of the original Yanks, the essential elements of Paratrooper, and 25 additional American scenarios (for a total of 41 scenarios!), six countersheets, eight mapboards and of course the Chapter H notes for the American OB. Yanks is now shipping to preorders, but, due to popular demand, it may be a few weeks before it will be available for sale. Look for an announcement when it is ready for sale on our website!

Now Available
These great new titles are now off preorder and available on the MMP website!
Operational Matters w/ Sicily II (OCS)
The long awaited player’s guide to OCS with a brand new one map game covering Sicily as additional tool to learn and teach OCS. For experienced players, the additional information in the articles will bring your play to an even higher sheen of excellence. Beginners will find their understanding of this popular game series take a major jump forward as the reigning experts in the system share their insights in an easily understood manner. Operational Mattersis a must for every serious OCS player as well as a great place to start one’s journey in the system.
Tunisia II (OCS)
Tunisia II is a revised version of the classic Operational Combat Series game. Featuring a new map done in the informative DAK style, a revised OOB based on 20 years of new research since the original, and the latest edition of the Series Rules, Tunisia II offers something for both OCS beginners and grognards.

Available For Pre-Order!
Front Toward Enemy
Front Toward Enemy is a game of tactical firefights during the Vietnam War, with rules for everything from helicopter gunships to tunnels to medics. The heart of the game is the activation phase, which is determined by random chit pull. Once a chit a drawn a player can activate units in a hex, or a leader and his nearby units, and all perform an action. These actions include Move, Fire, Assault, Search, Recover, Destroy Cache, Request Medevac, and Request Fire Mission.
One of the unique features of the game is that when a unit takes a KIA or WIA result, the unit needs to be transported off the board (or the player may lose Victory Points). The most common method for the American player to do this is by making a Medevac request, which will bring in a helicopter to help remove the KIA/WIA from the game.
Front Toward Enemy puts you in the middle of the toughest fighting of the longest war of the 20th Century.

Front Toward Enemy will contain:

  • three countersheets (5/8″)
  • two unmounted mapsheets (22″ x 34″)
  • one rulebook (20 pages, color)
  • two Combat Results Tables/Terrain Effects Charts (color)
  • one Helicopter Table (color)
  • four scenario cards (color)
  • two d10 & one d6
  • one box & lid

Chas’ ASL Corner

Now that Yanks is making its way out the door, rules editing and development for Forgotten Waris going full steam ahead. Chas will be starting on the Chapter H and counter layout soon; these include many new types of MMC, SW, Guns, and vehicles for all nationalities. Look for updates on the Forgotten War product page; we’ll post some new images soon.

Two core module updates-the Italians and the French-are now also in preliminary layout. Chas is working on an updated version of Chapter F (North Africa) that will be included with the Italian module along with Soldiers of the Negus, the remake of the Ethiopian conflict, and all the desert material. We are also working with Dan Dolan and his crew to include their Dinant HASL in the updated French module. As usual, each module will also include a large collection of relevant scenarios, updated with any errata and balance adjustments.

Chas would like to acknowledge all of the people who answered last year’s call for more ASL proofreaders and who have volunteered their time, eyes, and energy to making our releases that much better. These include: Jon Bays, Michael Brollini, Jeremy Busby, Alain Chabot, Michael Dorosh, Nadir Elfarra, Terence Gray, Tom Halliday, Chris Hart, Mike Johnston, Rob Keehn, Jackson Kwan, J.P. Laurio, Chad Mekash, Jose Tomas Balaguer Monferrer, Tom Morin, Jeff Myers, Steve Nicewarner, Stance Nixon, Joseph Pellam, Dave Reinking, John Richards, Michael Rodgers, Hennie van der Salm, Danny Secary, Mark Sockwell, Jan Spoor, Stephen Stewart, Paul Suderman, Daniel Takai, James Thompson, William Willow, Paul Ybarrondo, and Peter Young. Thank you to all; this work would be far more difficult without you!

IGS/GTS Update
A Victory Awaits

If you knowA Victory Lost, you won’t have any trouble with A Victory Awaits. Lots of game play but also one of the lightest rules loads of any Barbarossa game in a very long time. A Victory Awaits is actually three games in one! You can play just the Army Group North, Central, or South games, or play all three at once in a grand Barbarossa scenario!

Playtesting indicates this is a solid game and worthy addition to the IGS line of games. We hope to add this to the preorder page soon!

In The Pipeline
In no particular order, we expect the following titles to move into production soon. As usual, this list is subject to change.
Panzer Battles (SCS)
Panzer Battles takes the SCS system used in the ground breaking games Bastogne, It Never Snows, and Day of Daysto the Eastern Front. This Standard Combat Series game allows players a fast playing look at the classic ‘fire brigade’ battles along the Chir River in December 1942 as the Germans manage to turn back the additional pincers trying to close around the Stalingrad Pocket.
The Last Stand

Masahiro Yamazaki is busy finishing up the art for The Last Stand. Mas’ games traditionally have a great classic look and feel and The Last Stand lives up to that tradition. Mas feels this is his best work ever in 20 years of designing, so you can expect a game you will be very happy to have in your library. This should be going out to gamers shortly!

Operation Mercury

Operation Mercury: The Invasion of Cretein our Grand Tactical Series covers everything from the major airdrops to the last major fight during withdrawal. Features five (5!) full-size maps, two half maps and two quarter maps to cover all the action with eight countersheets. Operation Mercury will also feature the latest GTS series rules. On preorder NOW!

Coming to Pre-Order Soon!
Kasserine (BCS)
The second game in the Battalion Combat Series series will contain two maps covering the first serious ground fighting by US forces against Nazi Germany, Feb 14 through 23, 1943. While this is undeniably a US loss, popular ideas of how ‘easy’ it was are mistaken. The loss, as it was, was more the product of bad leadership at the corps level, than it was with the troops. The Axis attack has difficult goals… ones they were not able to accomplish.
Monocacy/Ft. Stevens (LoB)
The third game in the Line of Battle Series covering Jubal Early’s campaign in the summer of 1864 to either take Washington DC or to threaten it sufficiently that forces would be stripped from Grant’s efforts to advance against Richmond. The two battles (one on two maps the other on one) can be fought as a campaign where the player’s success (or lack of it) at Monocacy affects his chances at the gates of Washington.
Chas is keeping his lips sealed on details, but we expect some ASL products will also be coming soon!
As always, if you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line at and we will try our best to answer your questions.


Brian, Perry, and the crew at MMP

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