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MMP Pre-Order List Update

By the MMP Staff:

“Forget Me Not”

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On the television show “How I Met Your Mother”, Neil Patrick Harris’ character Barney Stinson would often proclaim his rule that “New Is Always Better”.  While we at MMP continue to work to provide you with new products for your gaming enjoyment, we also have a soft spot in our hearts for products already on our pre-order list.  These games are there because we believe in them.  So, while we continue to develop new games for your ordering consideration, we would like to make sure these products already available for pre-order do not get overlooked.

Kharkov (VCS) 

Retail Price:  $86.50
Pre-order Price:  $65.00

Pre-order KHARKOV for $65 

Kharkov covers The Second Battle of Kharkov.  Players conduct operations as either Soviet commander Semyon Timoshenko or German commander Fedor von Bock.  It’s a battle not often covered by other titles, and features actions where both sides were attacker and defender.  Game scale is 3 miles per hex and one day per turn.  Units are primarily German regiments and Soviet divisions.  Components include two 22″ x 34″ maps and 700 1/2″ counters, including over 350 units.

Front Toward Enemy

Retail Price:  $70.00
Pre-order Price:  $48.00



Front Toward Enemy recreates tactical engagements during the Vietnam War, brought to you the design and development team of Joe Chacon and Nick Richardson with counter art by Nicolás Eskubi.  Fire teams, heavy weapons, leaders and helicopters at 50 meters to a hex and five minutes to a turn.

As previously announced, we lowered the print run and lowered the pre-order number to 540 while keeping the pre-order price unchanged at $48.  Because the print run is smaller, the unit cost per game has gone up, so we had to increase the retail price to $70.  That means the pre-order discount is about 32%, rather than our normal 25%.
Atlanta Is Ours

Retail Price:  $140.00
Pre-order Price:  $105.00


Roads to Gettysburg II

Retail Price:  $176.00
Pre-order Price:  $132.00

GCACW Preorder Bundle 
Retail Price:  $316.00
Pre-order Price:  $225.00


or BOTH for $225    

Atlanta is Ours is the 10th title in the award-wining GCACW series.  The two maps included are painted by original map artist Charlie Kibler.  The military unit counters have been redesigned to harken back to the counters in the original games in the series but with a more modern graphical treatment.  Atlanta Is Ours includes fourteen Basic Game scenarios and five Advanced Game campaigns, all extensively playtested.

Roads to Gettysburg II: Lee Strikes North covers some of the most famous campaigns of the Civil War in a single module that represents the largest collection of content ever produced for the award-winning GCACW series.  Based on previously published materials, each of the three campaigns included in Roads to Gettysburg II has been revised, repackaged, and re-balanced for improved play.The specially discounted pre-order bundle saves you a further $12 off the individual pre-order prices.

Smolensk: Barbarossa Derailed (OCS) 

Retail Price:  $84.00
Pre-order Price:  $63.00

Pre-order SMOLENSK (OCS) for $63

Smolensk: Barbarossa Derailed is the latest release in the Operational Combat Series (OCS), covering the campaign along the Moscow highway in the summer of 1941.  Smolensk is a small and fairly simple entry in the series, with special rules kept to a minimum.

The game begins on 8 July with Barbarossa still in high gear. In August, the advance stalls as Hitler diverts most of the panzers from the map to forces around Leningrad and Kiev. Soviet counteroffensives will push Army Group Center close to the breaking point by game’s end on 8 September. The asymmetry of the two armies will be familiar to veterans of past OCS campaigns, especially Guderian’s Blitzkrieg II.  There is the expected qualitative difference in typical Action Ratings, along with stark contrasts in logistical capabilities and replacement rates.

To Take Washington (LoB)

Retail Price:  $80.00
Pre-order Price:  $60.00

Pre-order TO TAKE WASHINGTON (LoB) for $60

To Take Washington is a new Line of Battle (LoB) series game covering Jubal Early’s campaign during the summer of 1864.  In To Take Washington, players first fight the Battle of Monocacy.  Their relative success or failure there, as well as their raw efficiency, determines when the Confederates show up on the separate Fort Stevens map.  An arrival mere hours earlier than their historical appearance makes an enormous difference in the strength of Union forces manning the defenses, since they had been stripped bare prior to Early’s advance.  Conversely, a mediocre showing at Monocacy will present the Confederate player with a very difficult problem at Fort Stevens.

To Take Washington covers these two related actions on two separate map areas. One (with two map sheets) covers the Monocacy battlefield while the other (with one map sheet) shows the area around Fort Stevens and a portion of Washington itself.  To Take Washington includes twelve scenarios, with one entry point for the full two-battle Campaign Game.   Ten of the scenarios use only one map (either a portion of the Monocacy map set, or the single Fort Stevens map).

Konigsberg 1945 

Retail Price:  $42.00
Pre-order Price:  $31.50

Pre-order KONIGSBERG 1945 for $31.50

Konigsberg 1945 is a simulation of the momentous battle for East Prussia.  Originally published with a very limited print run by Three Crowns Games in 2011, MMP is thrilled to bring this very well received game to a much wider audience.  Konigsberg 1945 uses the award-winning game system used in A Victory Lost and A Victory Denied, but with new rules for air units, refugees, atrocities, Volksturm, and even the Admiral Hipper cruiser.
This game is more than just cool parts, as Konigsberg 1945 features the classic battle between a powerful attacker trying to defeat a “fire-brigade” defense.  The Soviet Army was at its peak as a fighting machine in World War Two.  The German Army is but a shell of its former self, but still has several units which fought as well as any did during the entire war.
Konigsberg 1945 is a two-player board game featuring a very easy to use set of rules for the veteran and is quite easy to learn for someone new to this game system.  Konigsberg 1945 is very close to reaching its pre-order number.  We look forward to printing this great game after it hits.
Monty’s Gamble: Market Garden (Reprint) 

Retail Price:  $60.00
Pre-order Price:  $45.00


Monty’s Gamble: Market Garden is a reprinting of MMP’s highly acclaimed area movement game on Operation Market Garden simulating the Allied attack in Holland and the German response.  The Allies must land paratroopers, seize key bridges, and get XXX Corps up “Hell’s Highway” to relieve the British paratroopers in Arnhem, all while the Germans are attempting to break the supply line.

Monty’s Gamble: Market Garden features a semi-simultaneous movement system which provides maximum interaction and requires players to make tough choices as every move they make may be countered by their opponent.  Both players will have pressing needs up and down “Hell’s Highway” but may only address one at a time-hopefully before the variable turn length causes the turn to end!

Also included in this all new updated version of Monty’s Gamble is Fortress Holland: 1940.  Originally published in Operations Special Magazine #2 this expansion contains 100+ counters and rules and depicts the German invasion of Holland from May 10 to May 12, 1940.Monty’s Gamble: Market Garden has slowly been making progress on pre-orders and is getting within reach of its pre-order number.

Last Stand – The Battle for Moscow 

Retail Price:  $45.00
Pre-order Price:  $33.75

Pre-order LAST STAND for $33.75

Masahiro Yamazaki, the designer of the MMP games Red Star Rising and Stalingrad Pocket has designed his greatest game on this great conflict:  Last Stand – The Battle for Moscow 1941-1942.  Last Stand offers 3 scenarios to show different aspects of the campaign, and a unique way of showing the plight of the Soviet morale as a nation faces possible complete military defeat.  In addition, the game features unknown unit strengths for the Soviet Units, variable and shifting victory conditions, Soviet Army morale breakdown, German variable supply consumption, and weather effects as General Winter arrives as a reinforcement for the Soviet cause.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Last Stand is the Victory Conditions.  As the game begins, neither player knows what they must accomplish to win the game.  As the game progresses and the Germans advance towards Moscow, the Germans will find out what it takes to achieve victory.

Last Stand features a campaign game with a playing time of about 10 hours, and two shorter scenarios with playing times of 3-4 hours and 5-6 hours.

The Devil’s Cauldron (Reprint) 

Retail Price:  $240.00
Pre-order Price:  $180.00


Using Victory Games’ popular, playable and accurate Panzer Command system, Devil’s Cauldron has been updated and carefully designed to offer fast, fun and challenging play.  With an easy-to-learn game engine, Devil’s Cauldron offers plenty of nuance and balance for the grognard and a fun and rewarding game experience lasting from a 90 minute scenario to the 50-hour campaign. Scaled at 500 meters a hex and roughly 2-hour turns, players command company-sized units in a system that rewards planning and careful play. Devil’s Cauldron covers the Northern half of the Market-Garden campaign, including the action of the British 1st Airborne and the U.S. 82nd All American Division. The Devil’s Cauldron is fully playable on its own or as part of a grand campaign covering the entirety of Market-Garden when linked with its sister game, Where Eagles Dare.

Supplemental Map Bundle (ASL)

Retail Price:  $160.00
Pre-order Price:  $120.00


The Supplemental Map Bundle contains 40 geomorphic ASL map boards, including every map board released after board 52 as well as map board 77 (which has not yet been released but is slated for ASL Journal 13).  This is every map board released since the original Map Bundle, which contained boards 1-52 and t-z.  The Supplemental Map Bundle includes one copy of the following map boards:

53-77 (25 map boards)
10z/17z (2 map boards)
p/q/r/s (4 Starter Kit map boards)
1a/b-9a/b (9 back printed map boards)

In addition to map board 77, these include all the map boards from Action Packs 4-12, the eight Winter Offensive Bonus Packs, Special Ops # 5, and ASL Starter Kit products Beyond the Beaches and ASLSK Expansion Pack #1.

When we put FORGOTTEN WAR and RED FACTORIES (described below) up for pre-order, we announced that they were not completely developed and that it would likely take time after hitting their pre-order number to get them published.  Both have hit their pre-order number, and development is proceeding.  FORGOTTEN WAR is being laid out, and the maps for RED FACTORIES are nearing completion.  We will keep you up-to-date as progress continues. 


Forgotten War (ASL)
Retail Price:  $128.00

Pre-order Price:  $96.00

For the first time, an Advanced Squad Leader module steps outside of the traditional World War II era to bring you FORGOTTEN WAR, covering the Korean War of 1950-1953. New rules in FORGOTTEN WAR cover Steep Hills (reflecting the difficulties of movement and combat in the rugged Korean terrain); Bayonet Charges; Proximity Fuses; and enhanced Air Support featuring Tactical Air Control Parties, airborne Forward Air Controllers, and the jet-propelled aircraft of the era such as the F-80C Shooting Star and the F9F-2 Panther.
FORGOTTEN WAR includes several new nationalities, each with its own distinct characteristics, and expands some existing nationalities.  FORGOTTEN WAR nationalities include the Republic of Korea; Other United Nations Commands (representing forces from such countries as Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Thailand, and Turkey); U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps; British and Commonwealth forces (Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand); Korean People’s Army; and the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army.
Red Factories (HASL)
Retail Price:  $164.00

Pre-order Price:  $123.00

Red October (HASL) 

Retail Price:  $164.00
Pre-order Price:  $99.00

Pre-order RED OCTOBER (only) for $99

In 1990 Avalon Hill released the first Historical ASL module, RED BARRICADES.  Charlie Kibler’s groundbreaking design covered the battle for Stalingrad around the “Krasny Barrikady” (or RED BARRICADES) ordnance factory on two historically accurate maps.  Three Campaign Games and seven standalone scenarios covered the epic struggle for the heart of Stalin’s city.  Charlie now brings us RED OCTOBER. This follow-on HASL adds two new maps, expanding the playing area covered in RED BARRICADES to include the “Krasny Oktyabr” (or RED OCTOBER) factory complex.  RED OCTOBER features three CGs and seven scenarios, honed under the playtest guidance of Gary Fortenberry.  The two modules are combined into one package:  RED FACTORIES.

RED OCTOBER is intended for those customers who already own RED BARRICADES and are not interested in the full RED FACTORIES release.  This item will only be available during the pre-order period.
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