New Edition of “Tattered Flags: The Whirlpool at Gettysburg” to be published by Consim Press

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New Edition of “Tattered Flags: The Whirlpool at Gettysburg” to be published by Consim Press

The cover of Tattered Flags, The Whirlpool at Gettysburg by Hermann Luttmann has been released. Consim Press will be accepting pre-orders for this new edition later in the  year. The cover will be illustrated with the “Pride of Erin” by Dale Gallon.

According to John Kranz:

Tattered Flags: The map scale is approximately 50 yards to the inch and each contour line is a 10 foot change in elevation. Unit scale is individual leaders and each counter (also called a “stand”) represents approximately 110 men (for Infantry-type units) or 2 to 3 guns (for Artillery-type units). Many Regiments and Batteries are made up of a multiple number of stands, which are then grouped as Brigades with a designated Leader.

Tattered Flags: The Whirlpool at Gettysburg is a hybrid historical miniatures / board game design that simulates tactical American Civil War combat in a playable format. The game depicts in detail the series of engagements that occurred in and around the salient formed by Union General Dan Sickles’ III Corps as he was attacked by Confederate General James Longstreet’s Corps at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2nd, 1863. The game is primarily designed as a two-player game, one player taking Union forces and the other the Confederate (or Rebel) forces. However, more players are easily accommodated as commands or sectors for each side can be divided amongst multiple players.

Since most players do not have the time, funds or eyesight to paint armies of miniature figurines, Tattered Flags uses ready-to-play cardboard counters to substitute for such miniatures. The game also uses a detailed battlefield map in lieu of miniature terrain models in order to provide the player with an accurate playing surface, complete with every terrain feature drawn in and ready to play on. The game system is also designed specifically so players can substitute actual miniatures if they wish, as long as the figures are mounted to the same dimensions as the game stands (or as close to them as possible).”


Besides the cover there are no illustrations from the new edition that I am aware of, but we do have some from the Victory Point Games first edition as follows:

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