New Feature – The Observation Post

Fred Manzo March 24, 2015 0
New Feature – The Observation Post

Hi, All.

This is a test of the new Observation Post feature. The OP is intended to provide a place for short and informal items. Things like playtest sessions, press releases on new games and “out of the wrapper” type reports. We’ll see how well this all works out.

Among the new features I’m looking forward to besides the OP is a list down the right hand side of each screen listing in alphabetical order all the games and topics covered by The Boardgaming Way. I’m hoping that this new system will allow all TBW articles to play on a level field. (As things stand now, once an article slips off the front page people have a hard time knowing it exists and as all the articles ever published on The Boardgaming Way are live and still here, its a shame the older ones don’t get more attention.)

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