New Stonewall’s Sword Review on Boardgamegeek

Fred Manzo May 27, 2015 0
New Stonewall’s Sword Review on Boardgamegeek

By Eric Stubbs

Hi all! I wanted to take the time to review Stonewall’s Sword, the first in a new system of games for Civil War battles. To begin with, two caveats so that you know where I’m coming from: this is my first Civil War tactical game (or at least the first in many years), and I’m no scholar of the period. My review and thoughts are based on a solo play of the intro scenario and a solo play of the full scenario with all optional rules.

Also, please forgive any looseness in the rules explanations, I was aiming to capture them but not get too deep into the particulars.

With that said, I’ll start off with a brief narrative of the full scenario I played, and then get into the review………

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