And Now For Something Completely Different ……

Hermann Luttmann September 11, 2014 0
And Now For Something Completely Different ……

By Hermann Luttmann

…. Hammerin’ Sickles, a regimental-scale Gettysburg game!

HS-Article-1-CoverWhat? You say you already own a dozen Gettysburg games? And you currently have a multitude of games with all sorts of different  tactical American Civil War systems? I suspect that a lot of gamers  think this idea is ridiculous – why would a designer waste his time  spitting out another game on probably the most-gamed battle ever?  But in all honesty, we feel Hammerin’ Sickles is a truly different breed  of Gettysburg game and a different species of wargaming animal.

 I’m well aware that almost all designers claim they have a unique take on things, and for the most part I think they are all absolutely right There are many fine Gettysburg designs out there – most unique in their  own right and darn fun to play. But what makes Hammerin’  Sickles a  singular experience is its focused subject matter  (Longstreet’s attack on  the second day of the battle) and the way  we’ve incorporated tactical  ACW combat, command control issues  and “fog-of-war” into one fairly  easy system. How did we do all that?  Well, I’m glad you asked!…….

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