One Small Step Games Summer Sale: Ends on the 4th! • Summer Sale

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One Small Step Games Summer Sale: Ends on the 4th!  •  Summer Sale

By One Small Step staff: 

Summer Sale

Hi Everyone! Only a few days left in our annual Summer Sale!

Through the 4th of July get 20% off on all published items (does not include items already on sale, pre-order games, or subs). Use coupon code SummerSale at checkout.

New to One Small Step games? Now is a great opportunity to try us out. We strive to produce the highest physical component quality possible, and seek to improve with every game we publish. Many of our recent games rate a consistent 8 on (check out 2WW or ISIS: Libya War for example).

Also take a look at some of the games in pre-order status; there are some great titles in there, to include a remake of Mark McLaughlin’s classic War and Peace.

You like Science Fiction? Maybe a back issue of Ares Magazine is the thing to try.

Let us show you what our little game company can do!

Issue 6 of CounterFact Back from Press (Mostly)

We received issue 6 of CounterFact back from press and it looks great (we think you’ll love this issue). However, we have a small delay in getting them into the mail. It seems our map printer forgot to fold the maps and shipped them all to us flat. Well, rather than hand fold them (along with all the issues that might imply) we managed to find a local print shop who would fold them for us, which will take about a week. Once we get those in our hands, we’ll get the issue into yours.

As a result of this delay, issue 6 remains at pre-order price for non-subscribers another week. Click here to grab one.


OSS/Ares Office Construction

You may recall a few months back we moved our office from California to Maryland. Since that time we’ve been quite busy building the new OSS office space. We’re happy to say we’re in the home stretch. All the major construction is complete, the Internet drops are in, the computers are up, and the work spaces are just about finished. But here’s the bonus. In the next few weeks our office will be live streamed. You want to see what we’re doing? Want to chime in and give advice? Play a game with us in VTC? We’re trying to make that happen. But more importantly to many of you, our full effort is about to return to Ares magazine. Right now we’ve got games and content planned out to issue 10. Stay tuned as we ramp up.

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