PJ Lifestyles: The 10 Most Badass Roman War Heroes

Fred Manzo November 15, 2015 0
PJ Lifestyles:  The 10 Most Badass Roman War Heroes

By Spencer Klaven:

“Before Ancient Rome was a titanic empire, it was a collection of huts, a tribe of outlaws, and a few unshakable ideals — courage, virtue, and duty. The defense of those ideals inspired some of the greatest war stories and acts of heroism ever written down. Here are the 10 most badass heroes, ranked in ascending order, from Rome’s legendary history and historical legends…..

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(But they left out both Fabius Maximus, the Shield of the Republic and Marcus Marcellus, the Sword of the Republic and the only historically documented holder of the Spolia Opima. Both should, at least, have made Honorable Mention in my view. They also left out the Emperor Aurelian, as anyone who earned the title “Restorer of the World” should be mentioned. And from the Eastern Roman Empire there was, of course, Flavius Belisarius, the Last of the Romans. – Fred)

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