Stonewall’s Sword from Revolution Games on the “Inside GMT” Blog

Fred Manzo July 16, 2015 0
Stonewall’s Sword from Revolution Games on the “Inside GMT” Blog

Stonewall Horizontal BannerWhen Hermann Luttmann said he finally had a design to submit to Revolution Games I was excited, as I had been trying to get him to design a game using the popular system in our Celles and Gazala games for some time. Instead, however, he threw me a curveball and sent me a totally new American Civil War game called Stonewall’s Sword. The game was regimental level, 140 yards to the hex, and was a simulation of the battle of Cedar Mountain. My first reaction was a bit of despair as there have been so many regimental level civil war systems and this battle is both a difficult one to simulate and had just been done by GMT in the last year. Plus, a number of other publishers had told me that ACW games were not selling very well and I would be better off publishing other periods. However, once I started reading the rules, I realized that this would be both a fresh take on the battle and the period and well worth publishing……

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