“Tesla vs. Edison” from Antana Games now on Kickstarter

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“Tesla vs. Edison” from Antana Games now on Kickstarter

By Antana Games Staff

New horizons and Tesla vs. Edison
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Hi Everyone,
We hope this note finds you well and getting fun games on the table on a regular basis. We’re writing to share two bits of news:
First, this is the last time you will be getting a note from Conquistador Games, Inc. Our founder Dirk Knemeyer recently started a new company called Artana LLC instead, and the activities of the CQ team will combine with some new people to make Artana go. He wrote about the reasons for this decision on the new Artana website, you can check it out here: https://www.artana.com/news/why-artana/
What this means to current Conquistador Games customers is any issues you have with our games, or if you are waiting for an order of any kind, these will be supported by Artana directly, as if you made the purchase from them. So do not worry if you have an outstanding service issue with us: we are here for you.
If you have any questions please email us hello@artana.com and we are happy to answer them.
Now, for some more exciting news that may actually impact you directly: Artana is about two weeks into their first Kickstarter campaign for “Tesla vs. Edison”. It just went over $150,000 in backers (wow!!!) with nine days still left. It is getting AMAZING reviews and it looks like all of the stretch goals are going to be unlocked. So check it out when you get a chance and tell the Artana team what you think!

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