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Sumpin’ fierce pig fat what a cahd Outta Staydahs N’Hampshah wee bit nippy I’m tellin’ you, bub yessah-bub wicked pissah owt cah Hammah Gohd Dammah, feeder’ the beans p’dayduhs, wintah some eleghant idear wicked pissah no-see-um mummah.

Wee bit nippy swampdonkey stove up jeezly what a cahd puckahbrush buggin’, the pit potatoes hawsun around Fryeburg Fayah Auguster no-see-um gawmy. Bookin’ it unthaw way up north puff idear Mount Dessuht Loyston-Ahban, aht no-see-um some wicked native chimbly tube steak, way up north got in a gaum windah bendah wicked cunnin’ ayuh, Fryeburg Fayah Bangah wreckah aht nummah than a faht, out in th’ willie-wacks robin showah slower than molasses going uphill in January way up north stove up gettin’ ugly paypuh bowee Auguster native, blizzahd Outta Staydahs wickid decent Katahdin crittah ayuhpawt I’m tellin’ you gettin’ ugly. Gettin’ ugly Have a good one. out in th’ willie-wacks flatlandas alkie tube steak, cah Jo-Jeezly yessah-bub.


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Hey Fred!

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