The Boardgaming Way Is Under Attack

Fred Manzo April 17, 2015 0
The Boardgaming Way Is Under Attack

By Fred Manzo

roman-centurion-soldier-with-sword-and-shield_zkC8GwIuUnfortunately hacking is a fact of life for web sites and The Boardgaming Way is no exception. This site has been under almost continuous attack for, at least, the last two months. Although our defenses have turned away the vast majority of these assaults two got through a few months ago. So for a day or two people who came by were able to view ads for a “dating service” and a lawyer. (Why a lawyer wants his practice to be associated with hacking an unrelated site is beyond me. )

However, if anyone ever sees advertisements for non-game related items or other strange occurrences on this site please realize it is a hack and it will be removed immediately.

Your understanding is appreciated.

– The Management


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