The War Times Journal: Miniature Wargaming 101

Fred Manzo December 26, 2015 0
The War Times Journal: Miniature Wargaming 101

What is miniature wargaming? Miniature wargaming is when you use scale models or figures of real-life people or equipment to recreate battles from some period in history – or even the future. This is done with the help of rules which are used to create the actual conditions of movement, casualties and morale. Miniature wargaming rules range from simple to complex, depending on the goal of the rule designers. Complex rules usually move at a slow pace and require a lot of work, but the way combat plays out will closely match the results of real life combat. Simple rules can move at a faster pace and require less work, but they will be less concerned with historical accuracy for the various game steps or final results. These later rule types emphasize fast and enjoyable game play……

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