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By the Staff of Tiny Battle Publishing


Tiny Battle Publishing’s November releases are now in stock and ready for your order!

John Gorkowski’s “In the Trenches: Devil Dogs”


John Gorkowski’s In the Trenches World War I tactical gaming system was first published in 2009 by Grenier Games. Tiny Battle Publishing is proud to reintroduce this modern classic to gamers in a series of affordable folio editions, beginning with two brand-new Base Sets. Base Set I is Devil Dogs, a three-scenario look at the famous and brutal Battle of Belleau Wood that earned the United States Marines the respect of allies and enemies alike. Next month will see the release of a second Base Set, Doughboys. Either of these sets contain all the status and administrative markers you’ll need to play any of the expansions that follow. Counter art is by Christian Sperling (Neuschwabenland, Sticks and Stones) with maps by Jose Faura (Our Royal Bones). The expansions coming in 2016 will include materials from the 2009 releases, appearing through the courtesy of Mr. Grenier.

Blood Before Richmond # 2: “Glendale & White Oak Swamp”

Glendale- Alfred Waud made this sketch of Kearny s sector of the confused and deadly battlefield

Alfred Waud made this sketch of Kearny’s sector of the confused and deadly battlefield. (Library of Congress)

The second game in Tom Russell’s Blood Before Richmond series recreates the battle of Glendale, plus the artillery-only sideshow that was White Oak Swamp. It’s Lee’s last chance to cut off the Union retreat before the boys in blue entrench at Malvern Hill. Can they take control of the vital Willis Church Road? This battle has some very challenging terrain for the Confederates, rendered beautifully by Ilya Kudriashov. The Rebels are also starting to look a little weary, and are opposed by fresh, high-quality Union troops. But it’s a fairly even contest, especially if the Union Player adopts the handicap of the special “Galena Rule”.

Two Shields & Swords Games For the Price of One!

stamford bridge

Stamford Bridge


Portion of the Bayeux Tapestry depicting William’s Norman cavalry galloping off to face Harold’s English soldiers

The Shields & Swords series of medieval battle games debuted in the first issue of Yaah! Magazine with Stamford Bridge and A Hill Near Hastings. Tiny Battle is proud to reprint these games in one nifty package for those gamers who missed them the first time around. The games have been revised and rebalanced so as to utilize the updated ruleset that powers Our Royal Bones and We Happy Few. It also reprints the essay that accompanied the games, “A Tale of Two Harrys”. This is intended to be the last S&S release for Tiny Battle, and so it’s only fitting that we return to where it all began. Look for other reprints of popular Yaah! titles in the future.



Speaking of Yaah!…


Our sister company Flying Pig Games is shipping the fourth issue of Yaah! Magazine this month. In it, you’ll find a fair amount of Tiny goodies– scenarios for Sticks and Stones, Invaders From Dimension X!, and Glendale & White Oak Swamp; fiction based on Invaders; and a standalone three-scenario sequel to Sticks and Stones called Poland Strikes! Gamers have been enthusiastic about Mark’s WW4 universe and his new Platoon Commander system. Find out why by picking up Sticks and Stones and Poland Strikes! You might also want to pick up the third issue of Yaah!, which is still on sale, as it contains a four scenario mini-campaign for Neuschwabenland, “Switcheroo”.

And Speaking of Mark…

65 kickstarter

The next game from Flying Pig, Mark H. Walker’s ’65: Squad-Level Combat in Vietnam has just hit Kickstarter. It’s an exciting, card-driven hex-and-counter game with scenarios designed in the inimitable all-action Mark Walker style. As of this writing, it’s already well on the way to be funded. Join the fun here.


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