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Tiny Battle Newsletter

By the Staff of Tiny Battle Publishing:


Welcome to 2018, Tiny Battlers!

Invaders Mini Cover

Celebrating the Old

One of our most popular games, Hermann Luttmann’s Sci-Fi thrilled Invaders from Dimension X broke the mold when it came to solo wargaming. This modern classic introduced us to the brave and battle-hardened Galactic Marines of the United Space Alliance and the evil alien Kay’otz. The Gaming Gang wrote in their review of Invaders from Dimension X!, “Hermann Luttman has come up with yet another clever solitaire game sure to entertain even relatively hardcore grognards as well as light strategy gamers.”

Invaders from Dimension X is available in all its printed and bagged glory for only $20 from our web store or for download in “Print and Play” format for only $10 from WarGameVault.


Welcoming the New

We’ve been working hard for many months on a very special new offering. This all-new game is something that many of you have been asking about for a very long time, and we’re sure it won’t disappoint. We promise to have details in just a few days so make sure to watch your inbox for the big reveal!


Improving Upon the Past

Gottardo Zancani’s Rifles in the Ardennes has been one of our most exciting 2017 releases. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback of this highly rated solitaire wargame, and along with Mr. Zancani, have developed a set of “Living Rules,” including a number of updates, fixes, and clarifications, as well as an extended “Examples of Play” section. We have made this file available on the product page, here, on our website. We have also updated the eighth mission of the game, specifically adding a few lines to one of the charts You can view this scenario here.

You can watch a video review of Rifles in the Ardennes from the folks at The Players’ Aid here.

Stay Warm, and We’ll Talk to You Again Soon


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