Topside Minis offers a FREE Promotional Unit!

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Topside Minis offers a FREE Promotional Unit!

By the Staff of Topside Minis 

Welcome to Topside Minis

Build Your Own Custom WWII Navy from over 280 Authentic Ships and Planes!

Saratoga CV3SM
Welcome to Topside Minis naval wargame miniatures accessories website.  We produce naval wargaming miniatures that are high quality, durable, and very affordable.

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Latest News

Coronel Battle Added to Faulkland Island Set

With the completion of Seth Owen’s Fatal Choices book and scenarios that cover these two battles, we have made this set available on our site. This is the same exact set that was offered in Seth’s Kickstarter campaign. It includes the extra ships and the Norwegian sailing ship…Read More »

Topside Minis “Fatal Choices” Kickstarter Ship Set Launched

Seth Owen has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his “Fatal Choices” WWI naval simulation book. The book covers the WWI naval campaigns of the Coronel and Falklands Islands between the British and German navies in 1914. Seth’s book gives historical background and analyzes these battles to provide “what…Read More »

Topside Minis 1914 WWI Falkland Island Battle Set now Available

We are excited to announce the release of our first WWI battle set. The battle of Falkland Islands took place on December 8th 1914 between the British and German Navies. There were 16 ships that participated and it ended in a decisive victory for the British. This set…Read More »

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